Friday, May 30, 2014


Frame of reference: a set of ideas, conditions, and assumptions that determine how something will be perceived, approached, or understood. This simple three word phrase explains why two people can seemingly both see or exist in the same situation, but have very different perspectives. At my ripe old age of 48, it helps me realize that to experience what I want out of life, a life dependent on coexisting with others with civility, may require in some circumstances, one of two things-change their frame of reference or change mine. Since I have also learned I can't change others, it seems the right approach is for me to look at things differently and see new ways of understanding and interpreting the experience. Through this new framework, I should see alternative approaches, actions, and meaning, and potentially outcomes. This blog will help me capture my experience in creating a wider and as needed, a different frame of reference. Through putting experiences down in words, I will attempt to keep myself accountable; not assume what I usually assume or tie myself to the notion of how something should be.

I have simple wants, but tend to overcomplicate what it means to fulfill those wants. Children and husband that are healthy-in both mind and body, a safe and comfortable home, family and friends with whom to share laughs and tears, and meaningful work are on my short list of wants in life. Pretty simple stuff. So how come in the day to day living, I, as do many others, insert needless complexity? If you are reading this, you probably stumbled upon sites looking for resources on simple living. I too long for a life with less clutter, and more time for the people and things I enjoy. While I will explore those sites as well to hone skills to physically declutter, I hope A New Frame of Reference opens up the possibility of decluttering my thought process from antiquated and stifling preconceptions that hold me back. I'd love to read your thoughts on how you have or are learning to shift your ideas and conditions to free your thinking to new possibilities. SAM


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