Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Literally Not Enough Hours in the Day

Weekends will be meant for DD2 to sleep in. She leaves the house at 6:40 and between activities and homework, she is not going to sleep until midnight. She made the decision last year to nix sports out of her schedule, but several of her friends are still playing volleyball, soccer, running team cross country or tennis and are in show choir, one of whom is also in a second jazz ensemble like DD2. That friend also is one of the Wednesday night volleyball refs. I cannot figure out when they are getting home work done. DD2 has violin as well, her 0 hour class plus a weekly private lesson, though not nearly as many hours as extracurricular sports. No game or meet days, thankfully, though there is an extra concert now and again. 

This is of her choice. We have mandated that she must take a science and a math even when elective all four years of high school, but the type and degree of difficulty was her decision. This morning she will be about 10 minutes late for her orchestra practice-she just couldn't get up and out any faster. As one teacher told us at the open house, junior year is the worst. They will be tired, cranky, over committed, and stressed about school and life. But, she added, no one has died because school is hard, and she remind them this as well. We'll cut her slack where it can be cut, and be firm where we have a duty of care. We've been through this twice before with one over achiever, and one who decided his junior year to pick up the pace. They are both just fine now, a decade + later.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Packed Lunch

With every fast food place advertising super value meals, mine was perhaps not the most economical lunch. It was tasty, healthy-ish, and filling. The salad is a three bean salad, with a can of tomatoes, can of chick peas, 1/2 a leftover cucumber, and olives, getting four ample servings at less than $1.00 each, plus an $ .80 yogurt, and a couple clementines. cost--perhaps $2.20 for the whole lunch, not at all a budget breaker. The peach was actually eaten with my packet of oatmeal at my desk to start the work day. I skipped the pasta this time, swapping for the canned 3 bean salad to keep the simple carbs at bay. I drained everything and made my own balsamic vinaigrette binder, so less sodium than had I left the juices. I'm pushing myself to get out of lunch ruts, take the time to enjoy my meals, and hopefully shed a few pounds during the work day. What have you been eating for lunch?

Monday, September 18, 2017

Barge Living

We had a whole Sunday with nothing on the calendar for DH and I. DD2 was a full dance day for choir from non until 8:00. I got a bit of laundry done, made a pot of soup that was going to be supper but ended up being lunch,watched Manchester United kick some serious but on television, followed by DH watching the MN Vikings seriously disappoint. He wanted to go out for supper or for drinks and appetizers at least. Instead, I talked him into a walk by the river, followed by having grilled hot dogs and drinks on the deck at home. Budget, remember; no exaggeration, each hot dog on the bun came to a whopping 17 cents! Of course we can't eat  hot dogs every day, but compared to bar menu food, it did just fine. I like Sunday slow days, when there is no one watching the clock, but the day moves on and you still feel like some things were accomplished. 

While down town, a barge came through the lock and dam, and then the railroad bridge needed to be raised. I was trying to get a good picture of it approaching and then going under the bridge. Surprisingly it moved faster than I think of barges moving. River barges-yet, another Sam analogy for life. Even on the what I think are slow days with not much happening, life still moves forward, quicker than I might be thinking, all while waiting patiently for the water to level, for bridge decks to make way.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Another Week, Another Meal Plan

As usual, I play fast and loose with the word plan. When I think ahead to the week, what gets committed to paper or blog ends up being merely suggestions. Here was the plan last week.

Sunday- DH was at his brothers.I have an sore tooth and throat so had applesauce and yogurt, made DD2 and omelette when she got home
Monday-BBQ spare ribs, mashed potatoes, green beans
Tuesday-Pasta bake with cheese and pepperoni
Wednesday-I have a dinner out with two professional colleagues/friends as one is in town from Washington DC. DH and DD2 will eat leftovers or freezer finds
Thursday-Chicken, rice, veggie blend
Friday- Chicken wild rice soup and crackers
Saturday- Some kind of stir fry, friend rice and mixed vegetables

And what we really ate

Sunday- DH was at his brothers.I have an sore tooth and throat so had applesauce and yogurt, made DD2 and omelette when she got home
Monday-BBQ spare ribs, mashed potatoes, green beans
Tuesday-the afternoon and early evening went a little hay wire. I ended up picking up burritos from Taco Bell
Wednesday-Me-dinner out with friends, DH and DD2 had a pizza
Thursday-Chicken, mashed potato, veggie blend
Friday- Chicken nuggets, baked potatoes, frozen vegetables
Saturday- meatball subs and pasta

Going into this week, my ideas is to serve this. Monday,:

Sunday- HM vegetarian bean and vegetable soup

Monday- Crock pot pasta prima vera
Tuesday- Chili, crackers
Thursday-Turkey meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans
Friday- Homemade flat bread pizza (reserved sauce and some veg from prima vera and last Saturday meatball subs) or Hot dogs/ chili dogs, or Tuna hotdish with peas. Oven french fries with anything because it's Friday!
Saturday- something not made the night before

I'm making a bean and tomato salad plus hard boiling some eggs for the week for speedy lunches.I have hummus supplies and having polished off the last of the store bought container yesterday, we need some. wish me luck that it tastes decent. When I was dicing carrots and celery, I prepped crudities ready for snacks or lunches. Depending on how today goes, I might get the bread maker out for cinnamon roll dough. It may wait until Saturday but I have been craving the smell, if nothing else. I'm still trying to reduce my simple carbs, and realize last week was an epic fail. Other breakfast/packed lunch and snack staples include  frozen bananas-I think they multiply-for muffins or smoothies, plus vanilla yogurt and frozen and fresh fruit. 

In prepping this list, despite only having $64 left for the month in the grocery budget ( and needing dog food, dishwasher detergent, personal supplies, and T.P), knowing what is still in the freezer and pantry, I think I almost could get to the end of the month with money still left! I've decided I will target a 5% reduction and give myself $380 for October. I had also challenged out entertainment/eating out budget to $165. We are at $158, due to both DH and I slipping off the not eating out for lunch wagon and me picking up a round of Margarita's with my friends Friday night, though, another friend picked up dinner Wednesday (so I'll treat next time).  Viva the bold budgets!