Tuesday, January 15, 2019

All Things Old are New Again

My car got fixed from the December fender bender when we were in Iowa a few weekends back. When we picked it up the following Monday, it looked like a brand new car. They had done a complete detailing, a thorough vacuum, cleaned the dash board, and all the nooks and crannies that get filled with crud even if I try to keep it nice, that accumulate after 4 1/2 years of driving a care. Granted, it has 90,000 miles on it, so far from new, but I am back to loving it as much as when we first got it. I termed it, my pretty car, and so it is again. If we keep it in good repair, there is no reason it shouldn't last us years longer. It was a good reminder to me how taking care of and keeping the things I already own nice and neat can have such a positive feeling about the value of said items and keeps desire for wanting newer replacements at bay.

I want to keep that feeling alive, and apply it to other areas of my life. My house is the biggy. While we do need fixes and updates, giving a good spot shine to a lot of the areas is a my best value. I gave a good run down in my post Climbing a Mountain post last month. Besides my house and car, there has to be other areas to do a little spit and polish, bringing a new feeling of positive ownership.

My wardrobe is plentiful, but feels old and several items need hems, tightened buttons or replaced buttons.  I need to carefully go through and find the clothes that fit me well and make sure they all are in good repair, ironed and hung properly. I'll only have a three day weekend now as something came up at work, but this seems like a good Sunday night task. I know there are some good make your own stain removers out there. I have a feeling on close inspection, I'll find some dullness or a spot here and there-coffee, a splatter from cooking that didn't get out, but might be small enough to not notice when I usually do my quick laundry and hang. I'm really not as slobby as this paragraph makes me sound-just drab. 

I've been getting kitchen gadget and stuff envy again. All the home improvement adds and January sales show all these lovely new pots and pans, bake ware, and utensils. Here again, my kitchen is bursting, but I need to streamline what I have, not get more. My appliances all need a good nook and cranny cleanings, the oven to be self cleaned, and the coffee maker run with vinegar.  If I get the stuff out that is not functional or used so seldom it is nothing more than clutter, I feel like the kitchen will feel like a place I want to be in, and want to cook in. That sounds like a good Monday project. 

Basically in my next few month of thriftiness, focusing on what I already have and improving it is my plan. I've been more attentive to my pretty car, remembering to take  water bottles and tissues out that end up in the door compartment. We have a gas station with free vacuums and I'll swing by to give her another cleaning. Who else is focusing more on maintaining and improving what you already have. Do you have any tips and ideas of where I might focus after my clothes and kitchen items? 

Monday, January 14, 2019

My Baby is 18

It happened. I know she'll be my baby forever, but technically, I am the parent of three adult children now. Every time I think of her, this is always part of the image that comes to my mind. 

 I hope for a world for her filled with more smiles and laughter than tears. And when those tears come, I hope she knows how much she is loved. 

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Menu Planning for a Birthday and Finals Week

I think it was 2:05 a.m. this morning when DD2 and I pulled in the drive technically this morning, after leaving at 5:00 a.m. Saturday. The coach buses were false news-only one and four school buses. The band and the first show performing got the coach because the instruments and equipment all went under the storage area. Despite my feet being so sore today and being awake for 22  hours and then limited sleep, I am feeling among the living now. DD2 is sleeping as long as her body needs, but I hear her getting up. She has to meet up with school mates on a final semester project, plus start to study for Wednesday and Thursday finals. Because of a conflict, she actually has a night off tomorrow from show choir practice, a break well deserved and needed. It is also her 18th birthday tomorrow. Meals this week need to be nourishing, but also some of DD2's favorites. I'm having her grandma over next weekend-just couldn't pull it together for today after being gone, and next weekend is a four day weekend for both of us. I have leftovers to use up today for lunch, but later I need to go to the grocery store. Here's sort of what I am thinking for the week ahead. 

Sloppy Joe's and sweet potato wedges
Vegetable curry (going to try with chick peas and use coconut milk and make vegan)
Pasta Prima vera-Crock-pot version
Wild rice and mushroom soup
Supreme Pizza (probably Wednesday night from Aldi's)
Roast Chicken mashed potato's and green beans
Chicken noodle soup
Chicken tetrazzini with steamed vegetables
Ham, cheesy potatoes and corn 
Hot dos and tri-tator wedges

Many are DD2 favorites, but also easy for reheat and eat as she may have cramming sessions plus her regular week activities, barring tomorrow night. With roasting a chicken, I'll have leftover meat for a hotdish as well as soup, so should be a relatively frugal week. We are in a mild weather cycle, but I understand just a few hours south of us into Iowa, snow has hit. I don't think we will stay s fortunate to avoid snow much longer, so when I finally get to the grocery store, I'm planning to restock the pantry with staples. What's on you r menu this week? Do you have any meals you prepare that are favorites for birthday weeks?

Friday, January 11, 2019

End of Day Blogging-Not in My Rhythm

I have just not found the time the last couple mornings to write up even a quick blog post. I am finding myself in the winter slump-craving more sleep in the morning. I've been leaving the house later than I intend as well. I must snap out of these habits as writing a little something grounds me for the day. I've also neglected morning stretches, let alone Yoga. This blog is more of a motivational pep talk to myself than a real update on anything.

I guess I have a little news. DD2 didn't get selected for the variety show with either duet partner. She was OK with it, though had wanted for the guys more so than herself. I'm bummed as I would have liked to hear her in a duet-outside of my family room. Supper tonight is the rest of some chicken patties, mashed potatoes, and corn-no judging but the spuds are instant. We need to set hair tonight, she needs to sort out all she needs for a quick rise and get away because we are both due at the school at 5:15 a.m. for a two hour bus ride. I would love to be sound asleep by 9:00 and get a good seven hours sleep. I was ecstatic to learn we get coach, not school buses. The chaperone  fairy god mothers were with me. 

I feel woefully behind in reading my regular blogs, and visiting new ones via comments and links from my bloggy friends. I won't bring a computer along, but I hope to maybe read some more via my phone during the down times. Well, that's my timer. Time to microwave some veggies. Have a great weekend.