Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Affirmative Tuesday

The world keeps spinning around; life just moves with a blink. I'm saddened to share my friends brain tumor was malignant, and very aggressive. It was determined that it was one of the most aggressive forms, having developed probably just in the last three months. While surgery got 98%, the remaining 2% will be treated with rounds of chemo and radiation. Thirty days ago she and her daughter were on a cross country trip looking at colleges on both sides and in between the US. Again, I really appreciated all the kind words, and we continue to hope for the best. I'm glad I'm spending at least one day a week reflecting and posting publicly how lucky I am. I shouldn't need reminders, but yet I do. Here goes my five for the week.

  • I had a job interview last Friday for the other position I had mentioned came up about the time I was contacted by the recruiter. I may know as early as next week if I am offered the job. I'm not 100% sure I even want this particular job, but I'm pretty confident I could do it well, and had a strong sense those interviewing felt the same since all four know me already. If I do not receive an offer, I won't feel bad though as this is definitely a hire that will be based on their office dynamics, leveraging where they have gaps. Still, it is good to have affirmation that my reputation, when I know they have strong internal and probably external candidates, is held in good regard. 

  • I helped throw a nice shower for my niece, and even managed to stay stress free. This is a big accomplishment for m as I went past my typical comfort zone being in an enclosed space with DH's family. Perhaps because I was doing this event for my niece, who was  full of gratitude, my anxiety stayed at bay. My lovely daughters helped serve beverages and with little tasks we needed, one of which was keeping their 6 year old cousin and grandma who came an hour early, occupied. 

  • This is my DD1's affirmation, but I'll take a hint of it as the mother who raised her. She was the epitome of grace, maturity, and kindness, despite her bachelorette party thrown for her friend taking some negative tones. She was a caretaker for all the girls, making sure all were safe despite their own disregard for their own health.
  •  I went to bed early last week at least twice. I made it a third time last night, crawling in bed before 9:30. I know I need more and better sleep than I've been getting so unplugging and just getting to bed was important.  
  • We had really terrific weather the past weekend. While the rest of this week is supposed to be cold and wet, I truly appreciate the days that are warm and full of sun. 

Your turn. What stands out for you in your last week that affirms your positive sense of well being?

Monday, April 24, 2017

Coffee Maker-Time To Be In The Market

The bridal shower for my niece turned out lovely. It wasn't huge, about 20 people, mostly family with the grooms mom and sister, and a couple of nieces friends. Our menu was chicken salad croissant sandwiches, broccoli salad with bacon, my veggie pizza salads, fruit, cheese and crackers, and a last addition of cinnamon bread that my sister in law bought at Cosco because it called out to her. We served water with lemon, sparkling strawberry lemonade, sangria's, and mimosas. We had  cake strawberry cream cake from Nothing Bundt Cake-even non cake eaters couldn't resist with and coffee (or more drinks) after her gifts. My daughters helped set up and serve beverages, mostly so my sister in law could get our fair share of baby holding since DH's cousin came with her new baby boy-so precious. 

Long update to get to my main post. I've decided I really do need to replace my coffee maker. Even with just a few coffee drinkers, using the Keurig is not practical beyond my morning cup. We made two pots yesterday, and it would have been very difficult to serve coffee if we had hosted the shower at my house. I'm disappointed that my Cuisinart maker, which should have lasted for decades for the price, developed a leak somewhere that makes it a problem to use. 

My dilemma  is whether I should buy another coffee maker or just something much lower tech. When both my coffee makers were on the fritz a while back, I had several recommendations to get a French Press. I've been researching them a bit, and do think that is an option. I've also thought about buying either an electric or an old stove top percolator. Some of my fondest memories as a child was seeing the old beat up coffee pot come to life on my mom's stove, the little glass topper bubbling the water, darker and darker with each bubble as the color and flavor of the coffee developed. 

In my less than thrifty days, I probably would have just gone out and bought another cheap model, use it until it broke, then replace again. Thrifty doesn't mean cheap, and I would be happy with second hand. I want something durable and long lasting, which has me leaning towards a stove top percolator (my mom had hers before I was born and it was still in her kitchen after my dad passed away)  or French press. I'm not rushing out to buy anything, since I'm not throwing any larger events for a while, but will keep my eyes open as yard sale season begins and as I wander into second hand stores. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Other People and Keeping Zen

I want to stay zen. I'm struggling this morning.You are all my sounding board for this rant.  My daughter has been run through the ringer with her friends bachelorette party and crappy behavior of friends of her friend. These are girls that my daughter doesn't really know, yet she as maid of honor, is coordinating all the details. Several are complaining they are too busy and only want to go to the dinner, or just the class, or just the bar hopping. Fine, has been DD1's attitude, providing an itinerary to all of where they will be and at what times so those coming late are accommodated. For those parts that require registration and payment, they just need to pay their portion and show up. First though, she needed accurate counts for the Spa class and for hotel rooms. 

After multiple follow-up, back and forth with girls that are practically strangers, a week ago she provided a summary of who she had for what part of the party, but was emphatic she needed to know immediately any last changes or all would be locked in. She's coordinating the final details all while dealing with a business trip for work. She woke up to a last minute e-mail cancellation from a girl that had requested her own room. DD1 was panicked because cancellation had to be made by last night, before 11:00 p.m. and she was reserving on her card, so thought she was going to be stuck paying. An hour later, she had resolved it, but it didn't start her day off well, and by proxy of helping her resolve, mine. She will appreciate the bath bomb she will be making later.

The cabin continues to be a pain. Another Thursday spent by DH taking care of issues there, none of our house issues here. This morning I learned the room I thought we were going to have, slightly away from the outside chaos since one side would be along the marshy area of the lake, is now going to be his brothers. His sister already had claimed an upstairs room, (two floors up from the room I thought we were going to have six months ago), again away from the outside noise. We have no young children, yet have the room with the most activity near it and least amount of calm. The deck and boathouse obstruct any view of the water. In the scheme of things it is not a big deal, someone would be in that room, but I'm  irritated DH didn't speak up again. Nothing changes in his families dynamics; he will always be the silent sibling, ending up with what's left after his brother and sister get their preferences. I know I sound like a petulant child. 

Today is Saturday and filled with sun with a full day to get my own agenda filled. I'm trying out a project management tool for what I hope to accomplish, backing up my plan to a 11:00 bed time. After the room booking issue was resolved, DD1 and I had a cup of coffee together. She's heading to her friends house to spend some one on one time before they meet the rest of the girls mid afternoon. I need to build a long walk into my project plan, remembering I am responsible for my own inner calm and not let other people ruin my wish to hold onto it.