Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Down But Not Out

I have been AWOL for a few days. My Sunday post, was written and scheduled ahead of time. I have been down for the count since Saturday night. The cold I picked up from DD2, morphed into flu, then morphed into bronchial pneumonia. I'm on the third day of steroids and antibiotics, plus codeine based cough suppressants to try and be human again. The house is in absolute chaos, but each of us are doing a little to try and stay afloat. DD2 went back to school yesterday, swamped with homework and now play practice has begun, so she will need to prioritize. DH took yesterday off work so he could get me to the doctor, DD2 to all her various appointments and school, and oh yes, to try and rest himself.  Fortunately I was feeling coherent enough for a few hours this morning to dive into about three dozen e-mails. I'll not be returning any phone calls as my voice is rough and shaky. Folks will just have to deal with less than timely responses.

When I was silly enough to think I just had the beginnings of a cold, DD2 and I did get out to enjoy the unseasonably warm February Saturday.  We took a drive downtown, parked, and had a nice walk along the river. We did some window viewing and popped into the newest visual art center, which also has a quaint coffee shop. I drank water, trying to stay hydrated, but DD2, finally craving something, had a iced latte.  We shared a gigantic oatmeal and craisin cookie and played a quick game of mancala. The fresh air felt good, but not good enough to keep me healthy. I hope you are all avoiding the crud in your homes.

DD2 captured this lovely photo of the bridge. Most of the snow is gone. Well, at least until Friday when we are expected to receive 24 inches or more. That's Minnesota for you.

 Many of the downtown shops have pets that roam their floors. This sweet little guy was doing some people watching from his sunny window spot.

I like a coffee shop that encourages interaction and not just sterile WIFI hot spots. This new one hits the mark with comfy sofas and chairs, and games to use. 

It was a very full house, with just a few tables empty, and more foot traffic with people picking up a beverage to continue on for a walk.

Being part of an art studio, art was on display and for sale throughout the coffee shop. Besides paintings, there is a shop below with handmade jewelry, glassware, plus studios for classes, and rental for artists.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

50 Days of 2017

Fifty days into the new year, and 315 to go to make progress on my 2017 life list. I'm going to call this a long game, and take comfort in the fact that these are at least still front and center in my head.

1. Restore my home to a place of calm and pride. We'll just say this one is a start over. March seems like a good month to knock a few things of my to do  list.

2.  Attend at least two music performances that my kid was not performing in. I book marked a couple art centers calendars and will select something for March. My friend who has the musician husband continues to keep me informed, but I have yet to make it to one of his gigs, mostly because they start so late, and the opposite side of the metro.

3. Host no less than six (combination) of women and wine nights, coffee mornings, and get together lunches. This also will be on the March list, perhaps the week DD2 is gone. With all the germs, I can't very well host anyone now.

4. Enjoy twelve exploration days. I planned to have one when I was doing a car pool day, but then plans changed. I ended up finding a little quaint coffee house, new to me, so that was maybe a 1/4 day out. 

5. Put attention into my writing.Fail; move on. No efforts towards the book, and my blogging has been less than inspiring. I am still waiting for inspiration to hit. 

Who else made some plans/hopes for the year? Are you progressing or stalled a bit as I am? There's still a lot of the year to pick up momentum, so I'm still confident my year will be more invigorated than last.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Some Weekends are Appreciated More than Others

It's a three day weekend, and I am thankful for that. Unfortunately, I picked up the cold part of DD2's illness, and so did DH. Last night was spent nursing my cold, and I went to bed early, not that it mattered, and was not productive. Neither of us got much rest last night, but he schlept into work, and I have a major to do list. First off was stripping DD2's bed, then the spare room bed, which she took over as well, and finally our bed. The whole house needs a top to bottom deep clean, but it may take all weekend as I'm feeling slow. 

I swung into Aldis's on the way home yesterday, and loaded up on  things I could make stretch.  A three pound frozen pack of hamburger at $6.99 will be cooked up this morning for Sloppy Joe's, taco meat, chili, and a portion for rice hot dish. Easily with leftovers, I should get eight meals out of the package, and very little prep. Rice hot dish is pure comfort food, and a favorite from childhood that my kids equally like. DH finds it just kind of meh, but he'll eat it. I still have a healthy supply of onions, carrots, and potatoes, bought celery, so a big batch of soup is in order. That will help our colds, and we will have ready meals for the next few days compared to the pickings our meals were this past week.Getting control back of my kitchen makes me feel more in control of my life.

DD has cabin fever, following her days of real fever. I was happy to take her temp when I got home and see not a smidge of fever left, and she hadn't had any Tylenol since Thursday night. She still has her barky cough though. She wants to go for a drive today. I think we both  need some fresh air, so I'll have her drive the car she will use down town and we can get a walk in by the river. She is scheduled to take her drivers test next Monday, so needs to feel prepared. 

It was a long week, and I am very happy it is Saturday. I don't think anything exciting is on our plates, but getting the family back to normal will be weekend reward enough. Maybe I'll bring the camera along and see what I can snap on this not yet spring, but warm and sunny day. What's on your schedule?

Friday, February 17, 2017

The Stuff Real Life is Made Of

It's Friday right? The last two weeks have been rough. I feel really bad for DD2, who was supposed to have had a very exciting week starting with getting her braces off on Monday, playing in  the only jazz concert of the year, the start of play practice for Les Mis, and her Honors choir. Sick in bed since Monday night, officially diagnosed with Influenza B, I can still hear her coughing in her room in her sleep. She will be heading back to school with three plus days of homework to catch up on.Monday is a school and work holiday, so I'm hopeful much of her school work is perhaps posted on line and she can get a bit of it worked on. All the well wishes have been greatly appreciated.

Budgets be damned this month, with runs to the store to pick up anything she might be tempted to eat or drink. My day off has been bounced around. Even though I worked from home despite doctors appointment and health care, I am very behind on a report with my coming and goings, plus have a presentation to do to a bunch of suits this morning so I will be going into the office in an hour. DH will go in a bit later, and I'll be home mid afternoon, so letting her just rest on her own, with her dad less than five minutes away.  

Any plans we might have made for the weekend are going to be cast aside as I try to get life back on track here. First off tonight is an exciting night washing, drying, and folding laundry, maybe while watching a movie. Saturday will be focused on more laundry, maybe even line drying as it is supposed to get unseasonably warm, and a top to bottom cleaning of the house. If DD remains fever free, a day without Tylenol, she desperately wants some time with her friends on Sunday, even if it is just hanging in her room doing homework. First, disinfecting is in order. 

 Due to DD1's work schedule and her sisters sickness, a hoped trip to visit her is put on hold again, but she and I do need to do some planning for her friends bridal shower which will be here before we know it. Same with connecting with my sister in law for the shower we are throwing in April for our niece. I have some advance work securing donations for the Palm Sunday youth breakfast at church as well to take care of, and will use my Monday holiday to do some personal administrative work.

I  did some poking around for our fall trip, and need to decide if the first night we will book something on the island, or just stay all three nights "in land". We'd have to bring the car over on the ferry if we stay, which seems a bit of a hassle, but at the same time, I've not experienced that before, and could be kind of cool. While rooms seem plentiful now, I think we should make some decisions soon as we are going at the tail end of peak season. 

This week will pass. DD2 will have other exciting things happen in her life, and this week will just be remembered as that week when she missed everything. I need to revisit my 2017 life list-I'm not conquering my goals very well. But that's my life in a nutshell these days. Managing illness, work, new beginnings, and the house; dreaming and planning for a little respite. This is the stuff real life is made of.