Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Road Warrior

I've mentioned I have a very long commute made longer with the famous  or is that infamous Twin Cities highway construction.  Today is one of those work days that I also am adding another 75 miles each way as I head northwest of the cities to meet colleagues from across the state.  I look forward to these days for several reasons.  Most importantly, these are the women whose jobs most closely look like mine. The woes we have with contracts, policies, and the struggle to stretch financial resources are known and creative strategies shared. 

My bonus in these trips is an extra hour of listening to what I want on the radio, no e-mails, texts, or phone calls coming through.  I put my phone safely out of reach, stop for one very large coffee, and head on a route that I could do in my sleep. As a semi rural highway route, I'm able to put the car in cruise and listen to my hearts content.  Lately, because we have a free trial to Sirus radio, I've had BBC World on. A bit heavy but I feel like I know more about what is really going on.  Other times I go for the morning show banter, shifting between two radio stations. 

Often this meeting is scheduled in conjunction with other meetings, attended by other staff in my organization to meet with their job peers.  Practicality and cost means we car pool which means we use that time to discuss work related topics or network. Valuable time, yes, but I like my guilty pleasure of the car to myself. Today is a solo day.  I'm not even stopping in the office.  Let the day begin.

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