Saturday, September 20, 2014

Beautiful day for a wedding

We are heading to a wedding today.  The day could not be more gorgeous than if it was scripted this way.  The bride is my hubby’s beautiful cousin, who is one of the youngest of his cousins, with he being the oldest, a thirty year spread.  Sarah is one of the cousins my kids spent hours in the lake with, sitting around bon fires, and being carefree lake kids in the summer.  It will be a special day, as her husband to be seems as sweet, caring and kind as she is.  My son texted to get her phone number now that a film job in Connecticut has him missing the event, and get one more congratulations to texted to her.  Daughter one is on a film crew locally, but the other side of the metro, and will be lucky to make the reception.  Such is life as young people grow up, start careers and family, and find their own way.  I wish we were going as a family of five, but our smallness in numbers doesn’t lessen how much my grown kids will be thinking of her. Family doesn’t stop just because you’re spread out.  The Mark Zuckerberg’s of the world though couldn’t have possibly known what kind of impact social media and technology tools such as Facebook, Skype, and Instagram  would have on connecting and  supporting families spread by  generations and geography.  As another new family is joined today, I hope all those that are spread out far and wide, have the opportunity to connect with loved ones.  

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