Sunday, September 7, 2014

Boarding Pass

It is my 7th day of a post a day in September, holding myself accountable to looking at the obstacles, challenges, or just plain annoyances that come with my life, as really blessings.  I am taking liberties with time, and posted this morning, not making the midnight curtain call last night, and posting again tonight.  Seven posts in 7 days kind of counts-I’m cutting myself slack, since the only rules were my own.  Daughter  #1 and I are in the airport, ready to head back to Minnesota.   Because we had to check-out by noon, but still had a whole day to spend, we figured we would just get our passes at the airport.  Apparently Sun Country had a printer issue, or a time warp issue but we ended up with boarding passes that looked like something from 1967, or something one of my great nieces might use to play airport. 

Sometimes at the airport you get TSA/security people who are so stoic, you are almost worried something happend earlier in the day.  Not the case tonight.  The agent that took our ID’s and verified our boarding passes, and looked about a day older than 18, couldn’t keep a straight face looking at our passes.  He took my daughters, and I swear I heard him say, “What the hell?”  He then looked for a list to compare, and by the time he got to me, just was shaking his head, trying not to laugh.  Security agent number two was giddy with her job, dancing amongst the tote bins and directing traffic.  “Do you have a lap top?” She asked me.  When I answered yes, she asked me, “What heck for?  Did you want to work or something?”  If you have to be at work on a Sunday night, might as well do it with a smile. 

We had a good day-weather was much milder today, and better for trekking across the city.  I have other things to share about today, but will wait for another time.  I hope you had a good weekend wherever you hale from, and are ready to dive into the week ahead. 

This really was my boarding pass-very official.

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