Saturday, September 13, 2014

Looking for Opportunities

I've been a little under the weather mentally and physically the last month or so. I'm hoping with a little medical intervention, some rest and respite with family and friends this weekend, and some good news to override some headaches, I'll be back to myself soon.  We all get in ruts, but I think how we deal with them, and how we seek support, and help when needed makes a big difference.  I am not a philosopher, psychologist, or have any other expertise, but I firmly believe that for most of us, being content and happy overall means we take advantage of opportunities that come our way, even if they are not the easy choice.  This is not to mitigate the stress and needs of those suffering with issues of depression, economic hardships, or other real problems that re much more complex than attitude adjustment. 

Here is a rundown of how my week played out, and how I am trying to see the opportunity over the challenge.  I’ve been working with a new executive in my company, specifically brought in to realign the makeup of the organization.  I am rightfully in some ways threatened by the potential changes, and in some, maybe over worrying about the end result before anything has even been formulated in full.  I've had a crap attitude about it for weeks, but that has not helped the situation.  Perhaps a new look at my division, my accountabilities, and my job might in the long run be better for me.  I'm not total convinced, but it is doing no good swimming against the tide. 

We had yet one more ding with the ongoing IRS financial issue-never incorrectly fill out a schedule, or miss a piece of information when you file returns.  It has been such a ridiculously stupid situation, and I'm hoping this is the last of it.  We had thought the last bill was, so I still have angst.  I'm grasping to come up with an opportunity here, but perhaps the lesson, or the affirmation of the lesson, is that when you get a big tax return, don't go out and blow it on a bunch of wants.  Put it aside if you can, and use to build up a cushion for unexpected hits.  We are very conservative money people, so this while annoying, will not in the long run, impact the parts of our lives that matter, but it will be in the back of my mind when I look at future purchases.   \

 I've finally booked myself in for and had a head to toe physical, as well as having some of the issue of fatigue and achiness checked out better. I don't know why I was avoiding. I think perhaps thinking something might be really wrong rather than just going in to the doctor and learning more, was adding to my doldrums.  Now I just wait for test results, and in my thinking, no immediate response means probably nothing too big to face.

Lastly, I just got news that my son has landed a job on a film crew, with real pay, and real credentials.  Having two kids in the arts, and knowing what effort it will take to have viable careers, has been one of those mom stresses you have to just push aside.  This job means he will not be able to come home for his cousins wedding and means no family picture for my mother in law.  I know she will be greatly disappointed, but I hope she sees the opportunity this is for him, and lets go of any disappointment she may have.

 It is cool, almost too cool for early September, morning, but the sun is out and the air feels pure.  I have day two tonight of my 30th High school class reunion after an informal get together last night.  It was fun, and I am so glad I went and looking forward to seeing more faces later tonight.  How was your week and how are you ushering in the weekend? 
a little candid of me with old HS friends.

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