Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Missed a Birthday-What's the Belated Window

Last week I wrote about refueling our individual tanks, and that my brain drain day is Tuesday's.  Yesterday proved to not be such a downer-yeah.  However, woke up with a streaming cold, that I had signs of for days but was trying to push through, my muscles ache, and I haven't even played volleyball yet today, and worse, I forgot my dear colleagues birthday!  I am so sad  about that.  I had in my head that is is two days after my wedding anniversary, which is Friday, and it is actually 2 days before, October 8th.  I had big plans after what she did last year for mine.  We women should be allowed our celebrity crushes.  Mine is George Clooney, and yes, I know he just got married.  Considering Friday is my 27th wedding anniversary, I think I'll get over his marriage.  Anyway, here is the lovely cake  my friend got me for my birthday last November. Isn't he handsome! 

Her crush is Tim McGraw.  Mr. McGraw has been happily married to Faith Hill for I think a couple decades, and DF has been married for over 30 years herself, so I think both marriages are safe. My  ideas was to have her walk into her office eon Monday morning, with Tim McGraw sitting at her desk, by putting a Tim McGraw face on one of our CPR dummies.  When she shut her door, she was going to be greeted by pictures of Tim all over the back of the door.  I could postpone, and still have her walk in on Monday morning-really birthday celebrations can last the whole month, can't they?  Have any of you  missed out on this?  Will a delayed birthday celebration seem  old?  I could come up with an alternate-I could celebrate Tim McGraw's birthday instead.  My friend does give me a birthday card every year on George Clooney's big day.  Ahh, such is youth.

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