Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Declutter and Organization Mindset

Whenever I can, I try to take a vacation day the day before Thanksgiving.  I am fortunate to have extended family on both sides that host, so it isn't because I am trying to get ready for guests.  Often I am at my max accrual, and it is also always my birthday week, so a little gift to myself.   I also take it off  in hope that I can jump start a little pre-December, preholiday organization so that I feel like I can enjoy the month better.  Last year, I couldn't take the day off.  I was out of sorts anyway with having neither of my older kids home for either Thanksgiving or Christmas, and I just felt off the whole month.  I realize that more  December and Christmases than not, we will be a small household again, so grieving for past days aside, I need to take back my enjoyment of the season. I owe my youngest the experiences she remembers from before, complete with my setting up my Christmas village. That will be Saturday's project, if I can get my act together today.

Fall is very busy for most people.  If you have school kids, everything ramps up fast, new things launch in faith communities, the season changes so we in the north are looking at transitioning homes for winter.  We were extra busy with things with DD#2-two sports, four choirs, one orchestra, and a whole lot of taxi service. This year we had a glorious fall in terms of weather, so procrastinated a lot of things that should have been done in order to get outside more.  That coupled with an extra business trip, and my daughters move, my house feel really chaotic.  We have been dressing too many mornings with pulling clothes out of the dryer, rather than dressers and closets.  I have a front entry closet that I know have some snow boots somewhere buried, but can't quite get to them without a full out declutter. And yet, my procrastination gene kicks in, even today.  The picture above is what it looks like outside,  snowy and wet. You can see we haven't even dealt with the  patio set-still hoping for one more nice November day to sit out and enjoy my morning coffee. I'd much rather grab my Paris cup, brew up a good vanilla hazelnut cup of coffee, and spend my day with you all blogging and reading. 

I'm making a deal with myself.  I did the grocery store run after dropping my daughter off, so that is done.I have the dishwasher and washing machine running while typing this.  After I finish, I will stake out a practical to do list and break it into chunks, alter as I need more or less time to complete. I'll build in  a couple natural beaks-perhaps noon and 4:00, and pop back on line.  Yes-I have a plan. I want to get to the point where at least my laundry  is all clean and in rightful place, my kitchen is serviceable to the point I can prepare the side dishes I am bringing to family dinners and gatherings this weekend. I've put the "Best of 2013" CD mix my friend Steve makes each year on the player and am ready to dive in.  But first, I need to finish my coffee.


  1. I've been procrastinating about starting my daughter's quilt top, but I laid it out and pinned it up last night and have stitched quite a lot of it today. It does mean that very little else has been done other than bed making, dish washing and soup making, but I've convinced myself that I can't do everything, so I'm pleased with what I have achieved today.

    1. That is terrific. I just did a whole lot of on-line shopping-good prices, but no ridiculous crowds, and gifts that should be well used by the recipients. I could accomplish his while the washer and dryer ran, and in between browsing got some clutter sorted. I'm feeling more hopeful, and while it won't happen before Christmas, I think I am convinced that I could try a crazy quilt kind of pattern with remnants and old clothes-nothing too organized, to get my feet wet with crafting.


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