Saturday, August 22, 2015

Fruits of Others Labor

This was my lunch and I feel so good after devouring it.  I made a stop at our little town farmers market where I purchased a few tomatoes, some cucumbers, and a loaf of artisan bread. With some spicy red pepper humus I had at home already used as my spread to bind it all together, a dash of course sea salt and black pepper on both the tomato and the cucumber slices, and it was mouth wateringly delicious.  This will be my go to lunch as often as possible between now and when the summer bounty of fresh vegetables end. I wouldn't mind a trip to the St Paul's farmers market which has aisles and aisles of fresh produce, canned jams, jellies, and pickles, fresh cut flowers, and both artisan breads, deserts, and candies, for the sheer entertainment value. I am easily entertained. 

 I like the one in town though as most are local farmers, and I can take a 30 second walk between the tables, figure out who has what, and make my purchases in less than 5 minutes.  More time to enjoy.  Horrible pictures, but this might give you a little sense of how tiny the little market is, but it suits my needs.  I was in the mood to buy some home made pickles, but none were available today.  I'll try again next week.  Besides my bread, tomatoes, and cucumbers, I have three lovely egg plants, which I will roast to go with pasta sometime this week. I am a happy summer gal today.


  1. Please share!!!!!!! We have a Farmer's Market every Thursday night but by the time Den gets home, he is too tired to go. But I think that I will have to drag him there one time before the summer ends. They are a bit pricey though.

  2. Anytime you find yourself in Minnesota we'll check out the stalls. My sandwich wasn't quite as big as it looks. It was on a saucer-not even a salad plate, but was piled high.

  3. Produce that's 'home-grown' always has a better flavour. Today I had some local tomatoes and they were a world away from the produce that I get from my usual supermarket. Jx

  4. There are several farmers markets around here. Some huge ones, some really tiny ones. I like a tiny one with all non-GMO/ organic local stuff. Cheeses, honey, meats even, and obviously fruits and veggies. I've only gone to that one once but it felt wonderful walking past all the stands and knowing all the farmers and local artisans had worked so hard at making and growing all these healthy foods.

    That last picture on this post; we have the same or an identical bread company that sells at our farmers market, The Great Harvest Bread Co. The lettering is even exactly the same. It's funny to see that at your farmers market too.


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