Monday, September 28, 2015

Small Town Cafes

My daughter recently moved to a small town for her new job.  This is one of those town that you might miss if you close your eyes too long driving through. It does have a lot of quaint charm.  When I spent a recent Friday with her, helping to get hings moved to her new place from her summer housing, we stopped midday and had lunch at a cafe that was run out of a large house called Emily's Luncheon. They had converted the main floor into the cafe kitchen and dining area, with some of the rooms that I assume perhaps were bedrooms, or parlors, into auxiliary dining areas.  We dined in the pink room. The menu was lovely.  A decent variety of sandwiches, cold, grilled, or panini style, two soups of the day, an assortment of salads, and even flat bread pizzas.  The crowning glory was the home made pie, one to three a day, depending on what the baker had prepared.  
Bench for a rest while strolling the sheds that house the antiques.
There are three tables for outdoor dining on the spacious porch, but it was a little chilly.
We both had the 1/2 Greek panini, though mine had turkey and salami, and my daughters without meat.  When she order it without the meat, the sweet server, who may have been Emily herself, ( I should have asked), wanted to make sure she had enough in her sandwich so started suggesting additional vegetables they could put in hers. She ended up with the addition of mushroom and more red peppers.  This was not a "no substitution" restaurant, so often found now, but a "we're going to make you happy" restaurant. I had the last of the  homemade tomato and beef tortellini soup, and DD#1 had a garden salad for her second 1/2 of meal.  We shared a slice of blueberry rhubarb pie. The pie crust was flaky as pie crust should be, but is often not in the chain restaurants that claim to make the best pies. 

We ate in the pink room. A young family, coincidentally also from our home town were at the table next to us. 

It can't be easy to keep a business thriving in such a small community , particularly after labor day when the cabin people start packing up and heading home.  While the restaurant was full, I imagine in mid winter it is slow.  To supplement, there is other wares for sale.  A display of homemade scarfs, hats, wraps, and jewelry, along with jams, and pickled items were for sale.  In the bathroom, was another wall of items for sale.  I was telling someone about this and they immediately thought they must get a lot of things stolen, because people would put in their purses or pockets.  To me though, that is the appeal of a place like this.  Sure, someone could, but why would they?  It would be like stealing from your aunt.  That is how we felt-like family being taken care of.  I'm sure DD will pop in again at some point, and I'd like to lunch there again the next time I visit. 
The bathroom market place. 

More bathroom treasures to buy.


  1. What a great place - lovely service, and shopping in the bathroom, that sounds perfect! xxx

    1. You can check your make up in the mirror and pick out new earings at the same time.


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