Thursday, October 1, 2015

Candy Bars Do Not a Supper Make

It has been a crazy day, but a three day weekend is ahead as it is my Friday off tomorrow.  I was most grateful for my little candy stash, but let me tell you, when your blood sugar drops about 6:15, a Nestle Crunch and Almond Joy, will only give you a quick rush, out not sustain your brain.  I learned DH is just ordering pizza for him and DD#2.  I will miss hot pizza, but my evening is pretty good as well. 

I have now been working with a sort of new coworker, she switched to my program in August, for about six weeks.  We are doing a presentation tonight together and having fun setting it up.  She is young, smart, energetic, and super kind.  I hit the jackpot when she joined my team. How about you?  How are you transitioning into the weekend? Will you days be filled with smiles and Snicker bars, or might you actually be thinking like a grownup with your menu selection?


  1. Our menu selection for dinner was not grown up at all.

    I've a had a few candy bar lunches myself (shh, don't tell anyone). Yay for a three day weekend for you! How delightful. I always look forward to Fridays very much. I work closer to home and which automatically makes for a shorter work day. Hooray for Friday!

    1. I've been hitting the candy a bit too frequently. I need to stock my desk with something else. I have bee right lazy this day off, but about to make banana bread.


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