Monday, October 12, 2015

Random Thoughts on Gaming and a Give Away

Yesterday 85 and hot!  Today 49 with 15-20 mph winds.  Welcome to Minnesota. On another note, the contest bug has struck me.  I played around this weekend and through my hat in the ring on a couple low effort versions. Speaking of low effort, but with wonderful payoff, over at Sluggy's site, Don't Read this, It's Boring, she is offering up a chance for anything but boring! This is a good one for US and Canadian folks to get a chance at some fine things to make us special this fall.  

Drawings and give aways I like.  I enjoy a silent auction as well, and will even buy a raffle ticket for a good charitable cause-thinking of it as more a donation than a real chance to win. I avoid state lottery's and other all out gambling games, if that is the right term.  DH likes to get a Power ball every now and again, but I just don't get the urge.  Joke is on me if he ever wins, but Minnesota is a shared asset state anyway, so he would need to share. I have sisters who love the pull tabs.  Last week my brother was in town from Florida and a group of us went out before he head back a few days later. He and I were the only ones that didn't buy the little rippy things.  $100 and 10 minutes, they had a pile of ripped pull cards to show for their investment. To each his own.  

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