Saturday, October 10, 2015

When Conditions are Right for Procrastination

It is chilly this morning.  I am being a true slug and am still in bed, after grabbing another blanket, cozied up and would happily stay here for another hour-maybe longer.  Weather forecasts though have the temperature rising to unusually high for this time of year-mid 70;s, maybe reaching 80 by tomorrow. The cool morning makes getting out of bed a struggle and the beckoning sunshine will want to lure me out to play later. Conditions are ripe for full on playing hooky from duties and responsibilities.  

But, no one has clean underwear' the bathrooms haven't been cleaned all week, and the refrigerator has a couple spills that are getting harder with each day they get neglected.  We leave at 5:30 Wednesday for vacation and I have pictures to transfer off the current SD cards to free up room, clothes to wash and get packed as we are going, going going  until well after dark on both Monday and Tuesday nights. We need to clean out the fish bowl and get pup's papers in order before they go to their boarders Tuesday night. I know these things need to be done-DH is already up and out for work, so I too must find some inner motivation. 

Coffee, then a shower?  Shower then coffee?  Maybe I could convince DD#2 to take a walk over to the grocery store and buy us a couple Danish pastries and some hazelnut coffee?  They have a really terrific bakery-small, but fresh made on site so the scent is heavenly.  Maybe I should take myself? Can I go without coffee or a shower?  I have decided.  I will put on sweat pants, tennies, and I will walk over myself. As a grown up, I shouldn't have to have these inner battles, and yet I do-frequently.  It is the mix of wanting to be caring for and providing for the needs of my family, with longing to take the best of life as it comes, even if that is merely a perfectly temperatured room on a Saturday morning for a good sleep in. Where do you find you balance when conditions are right for procrastinating?

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