Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Little Bantering Between the Sexes

I love the guys in my life. However, on more than a few occasions, I've heard my husband make a stupid joke or a statement that is slightly disparaging and puts all women in a certain frame of mind.  While I have not heard my son do the same, I can't imagine he hasn't smiled or laughed or been exasperated at "women."  I'm no shrinking violet when it comes to this, and usually my husband finishes his sentence looking at me pretty sheepishly, knowing he's going to get an earful. 

I too am equally likely, at times to make general statements about men.  My favorite joke around Christmas is "What would have happened if it had been the Three Wise Women instead of the Three Wise Men? They would have asked directions, arrived on time,helped deliver the baby, cleaned the stable, brought practical gifts, and made a hot dish." 

This little video is a couple years old, and while in French, is pretty self explanatory.  I have more than once been without a corkscrew and have purchased a couple in a liquor store while on vacation. I have several cheap versions now just cluttering my kitchen utensil drawer. I did a "share" on Facebook, and the following interchange of comments began. 

Me: I'm so impressed with this trick.
Male Friend: Let me guess how many women will repost this.  Got to have their wine.
Female Friend: Notice it's a man narrating the video. 
Male Cousin: Sounds like a need for a new paint job and carpet.  Must have been a woman that produced it.
Me: But it must have been a man that caused the woman to need the wine so badly they'd risk the wall and carpet. 

Unless meant to be intentionally hurtful, the little bantering between the sexes is harmless. There are inherent differences between people, and gender is one of those differences that  can define and unite a group. There is a sense of cohesiveness I get from my sisters and girlfriends I just don't get from the guys. The differences are there, and yes, can be fodder for humor.  Using the differences to form biases used to make decisions or to keep someone in a place or role they do not want to be in is another story.

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