Sunday, December 6, 2015

More to Support My Resolve From Yesterday

For about 90 seconds yesterday noon time, I was of mind to stop at Subway for the three of us girls for a quick sandwich before meeting family for a day out at a Pioneer Village Holiday excursion at the county fairgrounds. I had just cleaned the kitchen and didn't want to mess it up again. Then I realized we had a tub of hummus that needed to be used up, a drawer of deli turkey and several kinds of cheese, and ample bread. In the same amount of time to swing into and order Subway, the three of us happily chomped on a delicious lunch for less than half the cost, and had the small mess put back in minutes. 

DH and I had plans Saturday night that included a bite to eat out, hence why we decided against eating out on Friday.This is a restaurant we adore, but I ordered differently than normal, but a sandwich that I've had other places, a muffaletta. Unbeknownst to me, the peppers were too hot, and me who normally likes spicy food, could barely eat the sandwich.  DH added a cup of butternut squash soup, expecting it to be more of a creamy soup, but was disappointed that it it was more of a thin bisque.  Tasty, but not with the substance he was hoping for. The company was good, the service is always splendid, and after tearing apart and reconstructing what I could, we had plenty to eat, but at a price tag with tip of $32.00.  It would have been higher, but we had just had a wine tasting, so stuck with just water with our meal. That is the thing about restaurant dining; try something new, and it could be a crap shoot if you really like it or not.  While the same can be true at home, and a new recipe might be met with less than zealous appreciation, the financial outlay is bound to be a fraction. 

While we will still have the occasional meal out, I do want it to be planned, and an occasion, rather than a fall back. Our experience yesterday gives me further support to rethink how we spend our food money.

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