Sunday, January 10, 2016

Minimalist Militants

I joined a Face Book group for minimalists in the Twin Cities. I was hoping it might be a source of ideas and inspirations of how folks in my own community are figuring out how to have more life with less stuff.  It is a newish group so not a lot of postings.  They do have a monthly meeting with speakers and networking, though this is new as well so in the forming stages.  I am trying to decide if I want to go on Monday, the first offering since joining the group. I wrote yesterday about my need to spend every spare moment this week cleaning and decluttering at least to the point that DD#2 can host a room full of friends and take over my kitchen. I also feel though like I need to take advantage of opportunities to learn realistic and practical ideas from others in my same boat. 

I was sharing my quandary with a friend, who by the way, thinks she is a clutter bug, as well. However, she is married to the most meticulous man I've known, so her definition and mine of clutter are far apart on the Webster scale. Her take is that should I go, I will leave with a big pile of shame and guilt about my consumer ways. She laughed at the thought of a Minimalist Meet-up and gave the group the title, Minimalist Militants. She described them all as probably using multiple light rail and bus passes to make their journey from the far corners of the metro, and for the parts of their trek without public transportation, they would be carrying a bicycle over a shoulder with an army surplus bag draped over the other with their entire belongings. 

Even with knowing her extreme stereotyping was for a good laugh, I do wonder though if I am ready for that level of minimalism. The Face Book group leader seems fairly laid back and posted for the January meeting, "In honor of the New Year, we'll discuss keeping resolutions to live a simpler life." It sounds to me like this might be group that has the same internal and external angst I have about wanting to live simpler, but understanding the challenge. I've got another day to decide to attend or not. Today though, my cleaning continues. 


  1. I think(for what it's worth)that you need to take into consideration the ages of the participants of this group. Beyond aging hippies, I can't see many older/mid-life aged militant minimalists in our generation. If the majority of these participants are younger/hipsters/under 40 then yah, this could be more like the stereotype your friends envisions. That at least, might be good for a chuckle or two on your blog later.

    Whatever you decide have fun with it(and keep cleaning). ;-)

    1. If I can get DD a ride home from choir tomorrow night, and supper planned and prepared tonight, I believe it might be worth my time to check it out. The facilitator didn;t look like either an aging hippy or a hipster, so odds are good it might sound thinkers like all of us, trying to decrapify our lives. ( I just spell checked and decrapify actually came up as a word. Now there is blog post fodder.)


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