Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday Smatterings

Not sure what all we have going on this weekend-lot's of things need to be done, but whether or not that will happen is a mystery to me. I'm feeling very lackadaisical this morning. The dishwasher did not get unloaded and loaded last night-yuck, and I am as guilty as DH and the kids, so tackled that right away. No clean undies in my drawer, so that was tackled next so I can take a shower in an hour and get on with things. DD#2 reports the last of the TP was being used in the downstairs bathroom. I'm getting more serious about the weight loss healthy eating and physical activity plan, but would like to track some progress and the scale's battery is dead. I'll head to the nearby hardware store for that trying not to venture out of my own neighborhood feels like too much effort, and hope they have toilet paper as well-and Diet Coke. There is none in the house, and I am feeling my withdrawal symptoms. If not, I'll run into the grocery store too, but nothing else as we have a full freezer after DD#2 made an Aldi's stop after her boxing class to contribute to the food stuff. Other things on my list:

  1. Set up the soccer team contact list with updated e-mails and phone numbers (yep, team manager again this year)
  2. Finish presentation for next week  (bringing home work this weekend, but had to be done, and I'll take comp time later) and finishing a budget project
  3. Continue with laundry and really sort out my 5 Work Days, 5 Outfits project (though this week I am hoping to only be working four days as Friday is my day off) Pictures and post to blog and Twitter @samandcoffee65
  4. Clean bathrooms-another Yuck!, but no one did even a quick clean this week.
  5. Order desk and Billy bookcase from Ikea for DD#2's room. I haven't found anything second hand, and am giving up the ghost.  While we could pick up in Bloomington, but the thought of entering and navigating the maze on a January Saturday with no football game is anxiety inducing. Plus,we don't really have an appropriate vehicle, and I am just going to go the simple route this time. 
  6. Procrastinate and spend too much time reading blogs, facebook, and Twitter.
  7. Finish my short story for Write and Link at In the Writers Closet with Natalia.
  8. Meet friends with DH for some live music and "pretty drink night" at one of our little pubs we like. 
It needs to be a low cost week for anything involving cash or check. We paid the last of DD#2's trip, took out a bit of pocket money for the week and for drinks, maybe an appy and tip jar for the musicians tonight, and that left the checking account lean until payday Friday. The next two Saturdays I am Show Choir Mom, so will be gone from sunrise to well past sunset, so today I really should aim for productive. Your turn.  What's on your Saturday calendar?


  1. Here's a shallow comment! You have Aldi over the pond. I really didn't know. x

    1. We do, but not in abundance. I have one sort of on route with a small detour home from work, and one is about 25 minutes away,on route to where my daughter is doing a boxing class, and on route to a couple family members. I am blown away by the prices compared to a regular grocery store, but we have to plan our trips there.


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