Monday, January 18, 2016

Thankyou and Goodbye to Another Legend

Another loss to the world of a talented soul. For the third time in less than two weeks I shed tears for strangers who I didn't know personally, but their talent and gifts were a huge part of my life. Today the news that Glenn Frey died just reached me about 30 minute ago.My heart is heavy as memories of his music flood my head. Hanging outside my older sisters room because she wouldn't let me in, listening to the Eagles at full blast, singing the lyrics louder and louder to piss her off. Later, when my friends and I got our drivers licenses, we had the car radio up, or better yet, a cassette tape with the :Best of" blaring loudly, singing Desperado out the car window. Seemingly nothing in common when we first met, DH and I found we both had a huge love of the Eagles, though had frequent arguments of who sang lead on which track.  I was usually right! A new release in 2000 gave us a "walk about" song, when DD#2 loved to be danced with to Get Over It, and she broke out of her crabby time each night.

I hope  the families of David Bowie, Alan Rickman, and now today, Glenn Frey find peace. For me, what an honor to have been on the receiving end of their talent. Of course we all will have the same destination as death is part of life. Our loss on earth is heaven's gain. What a rock and role Shakespearean party might be going on ahead of us.

Here's Mr Frey doing my favorite.

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