Monday, February 1, 2016

We've talked about the Bad and the Ugly, Now the Good About Janaury

January 31, 2016 and the first month of the year will be a mere memory in under twelve hours. I have admittedly been a bit crabby this month, but I chalk it up to not taking enough time off at Christmas, the schizophrenic weather we've had in Minnesota. The pressure and the great fluctuation in temperature gave me perpetual sinus problems that led to a dull daily headache, that even being knocked out with a migraine for a day, hasn't shaken. Also, no vacation plans whatsoever yet, though still working on a weekend somewhere. January wasn't all bad though, and in reviewing the month, some really good events and results transpired. 

Financially, we paid off everything left lingering on credit cards from our expensive December. Gifts still bought in December, paid for in January, which I hate doing were on those cards. Plus, we had one more adult for the entire month in the house and a full week of  DS, who ate like he was home for a month. We had a nice big dinner out and drinks at the theatre,  though the tickets were bought in a previous month. I treated DS to his bag fee, and paid the extra $15 so he could get a window exit row rather than being stuck in a middle seat. I'm just that kind of mother. We paid the last installment of DD#2's trip this month. While my paychecks are the same, DH, who is 100% commission, had one good check, and one horribly low, so combined take home was decent but not over average. All these extra's were covered with our regular take home pay, and not one penny had to be pulled from savings. 

On the healthy lifestyle front, I managed in spite of the weather to get more walking done. We had all 7:30 and 8:30 volleyball games this month so I arrived early to walk the track above the gym. I managed to pass on the bar food nibbles when going out with the girls afterwards, even the popcorn, provided to make a person good and thirsty. I do confess I liberally ate the shell in peanuts at the pub we went to a couple weeks back.  Shell in peanuts are a treat usually only had at a ball game. 

January found me and my daughters happily cooking more vegetarian meals, pulling off a couple curry/masala dishes. Sadly for DH, he was a not so happy participant in our new found love for meatless dishes, so I figured out how to hide away an extra portion of meat laden foods to offer him on our veggie nights. Though, he did eat DD#1's leftover bean burgers, twice, so there may still be room for conversion. I should remind that only DD#2 is vegetarian, the other girls in our family are just dabblers. 

Beside getting out with the girls on Wednesday nights, we discovered a bar that has live open mic night and the performers were quite good. As a couple we met friends out, always a coordination feat, and I had a couple more 50th birthday gatherings, though brief.  Even though I was playing the part of Grumpy for Snow White, I still socialized when I wanted to stay shut in. 

My lovely youngest turned 15 this month, that alone is reason to celebrate in January. Being a true bonus baby, her birthday's are always such an affirmation of how lucky we are to have her. You know how it is when you've forgotten something, or something is missing, but you can't put your finger on what it is?  That is how I felt the many years between DD#1 and DD#2. It was like the fates knew there was a fifth part to our family and she was just lost getting to us. 

That wraps up my Janaury. I bolded the areas that were part of my 2016 focus, without calling out goals. Nothing on the organization sector, I'm bothered to say.  Tomorrow though is a new month, and a new  group of four weekends, three of which are three day versions. Goodbye Janaury, and welcome February.


  1. Ah, loved this! Although I'm most definitely not in the market for a third baby, your description of your bonus baby is lovely. :-)

    You did great with your financial & health goals. I managed to eke out a very small weight loss (2.4 lbs), which makes me happy, all things considered. January is a rough month!

    1. I am going to call the weight loss 3 lbs. though hard to tell completely as I went up and down both in December, and then gave myself a weighing on a good scale. I'm using February 1 as my start for actually tracking based on the scale, but my closet to see what hopefully starts loosening back up. Realistically, I ave 3 pounds a month, I'd be ecstatic being 36 pounds lighter in a year and that should be doable with little changes-lots of little changes though.

  2. You were blessed with a bonus baby!!! So cute.
    I managed to get everything paid off in January. It seems that Christmas this year was more brutal than before. I need to work harder on getting more money saved for the holidays this year. I say the same thing over and over. LOL

    1. We were lighter on the cost of gifts-less exchanges and I got creative. It was all the extra's and the timing. When we were broke, I had to plan carefully ahead f time right to the number of stamps and extra baking supplies. I also shopped year round. The last few years seem to have been unplanned, and not thinking ahead enough. there's that organization gap coming through again.


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