Sunday, April 3, 2016

Bargain Brigade

Financially speaking, I had some little victories this weekend, and am working with DH and the DD's (DD#2 will be here later today for a couple days with her friend, and then later in the month) to economize, making us the Bargain Brigade. I even have DS involved as he shared with me how he does his dry beans  and uses them in his version of curry, bean burgers, and just with rice and spices. DS and DH like their meat, but they also don't mind occasional vegetarian dishes, though DH has more unfavorable responses than our son to some options. However, the bean burgers I make are a hit with DH and so will be on the menu a few times this month.

I digress. Friday afternoon, I ran into the grocery store looking for empty boxes for more purging. While no success, I did find a $ .50 loaf of French bread, and two half priced packages of naan, discounted to $1.25 each This was the same brand, though I had to throw in the freezer as it had an April 1 sell by date, that I bought last week in a different store for $3.49. Two packages, for less than 1/2 of what I paid for one last week. I may use one package as pizza crusts. While I prefer to bake from scratch, I do use cheats from time to time to preserve my sanity. There were two different clearanced cupcake kits, with frosting, in fun flavors like Pina Colada and Raspberry Mojito for $1.00, perfect for getting something made quick to serve, or bring as inevitably, I'll have an impromptu event at least once that will need me to bring a dish or dessert. DH had shopped on Thursday, loaded the freezer with meat, and other deals as he actually likes to shop, and our pantry was stocked with most other basics. I'll count Thursday in April food spending, so we are at $115 for the month already, but really, supplemental milk, eggs, bread, and fresh fruit and vegetables is about all we should need. 

I finally tackled cleaning out the refrigerator, just in time to salvage onions, carrots, and a tomato from being garbage, and made a soup stock.  I added a can of white chili style beans, bought by mistake months ago, two potatoes also past their prime, but fine for the soup. I used up the remains of some chilli powder, and 30 minutes before serving, added the last of a bag of egg noodles. With the bread, a delicious meal, for what essentially was the cost of the bread and stock cubes as all other ingredients might have otherwise gone to waste. Plus leftovers for me for lunch a few days next week.

There are so many things to tempt my resolve at the store even when I just run in for an item or two. I bought no unneeded items for the house, and only needed large lawn size bags for some garage storage and more vinegar. The exception, I splurged and bought two new pillows for the extra room. These were cheapo one's but I decided I couldn't have my daughter's friend use her brothers old pillows. No one should have to use his old pillows. I'm still doing some decluttering and organizing in that room, but it will be put to rights before I go to bed tonight. Tomorrow I will post my April budget and goal to bank DH's entire salary. It will be a stretch, but bargain hunting shops like this the rest of the month will certainly help. 


  1. I like how your blog looks!!!! Good job. YOu are on a roll with everything. Dejunking, saving money!! There is no stopping you.

    1. Thanks Sonya Ann. I feel on a roll, well actually feel like I've been rolled over by a dump truck with the amount of cleaning and decluttering this weekend, but it does feel good. Though, the family joke as we put the guest room together, happy with the progress, is that we have low expectations. DD#1 said at least the rooms is better than a Motel 6, so that's something.


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