Thursday, May 26, 2016

Memorials and New Beginnings

It's a three day weekend, a holiday on Monday to pay tribute. I grew up in a military family with multiple generations serving. I try to remember why the extra day off, in my case with pay, is on the calendar. At some point I will stop by the cemetery and leave some flowers for my parents, and reflect on how my former Navy father, not much more than a boy really, was shipped across the world to do his service for his country. What were those men and women protecting? A way of life, a sense of preservation, livelihoods for future generations? Politics aside on a global scale, I believe those that serve on the front line do so for all these reasons, and I thank them profusely for that. 

And for that, many Americans get this opportunity to have an extra day to relax and play. I have a four day weekend as Friday is my day off. I plan to clean, pack, and prepare food as DD#2, pup, and I will head to the family cabin right after school. DD#1 is meeting us there as well.  I think the aunts and uncles that stay in the other cabin will be there, maybe a cousin or two, but it will probably be a quiet Friday night group, and I am excited for that. DH works Saturday so won't be up until later, as well as most of the rest of his family. I have my mind on a long canoe ride. I can handle DH's family at the lake-there is room to get away for a walk, a kayak or canoe ride, or out of site nooks for a book or to peck away on a computer when the chaos get's too much.

This is the last summer in the cabin as a a new one will be built at the end of the summer.  I am trying to be as uninvolved as possible on the business logistics as this is DH's family, but will help with any labor, packing up, and cleaning that is needed. My intentions are to wake up early and clean as much as possible with my girls, so that when my MIL arrives, we can just take directives as to what she wants packed for keeping, and what she thinks can be purged. All of us are hoping that all the clutter and bric-a-brac can go, and we start late fall with a blank slate once the new, year round dwelling is completed. Some family isn't arriving until Sunday, so bigger jobs will wait, and we can have some fun on Saturday. Meals are served buffet style, and usually salads, crock pot hot dishes, and meats, and grilled foods-simple, delicious, and ample. Friday though, we may just splurge and head into town for a pizza depending on who is around.

The new cabin will be a beautiful year round retreat, a tribute to DH's father. DD#2 is sad about the old one coming down. She doesn't understand the flood damage that occurred 30+ years ago that has made the structure wonky at best, and repaired and kept together with lot's of blood, sweat, and tears each year. It is a tremendous gift from my MIL, preserving the place for future generations, and in time, DD#2, with her cousins, friends, and perhaps her own family one day, will have new memories. This will be a weekend of memorials and the start of new beginnings. 

DD#2 and friend getting ready to water tube.

Preparing for 4th of July boat parade.


  1. It sounds like a wonderful weekend. And having a cabin to escape to sounds AMAZING!! Have a great trip and enjoy the canoeing!!

  2. We are very fortunate, and in the great large outdoors, there is plenty of space to hold the diversity of personalities.

  3. Have a wonderful time with the family, even if that means just your personal immediate family.
    You are lucky to have a family retreat.

    1. It will be a good week. I have decided that I am not going to be sucked inot any drama, real or imagined, if it is not impacting my immediate family, and that should lend itself to a nice respite over the weekend.

  4. My dad is a Marine and we spent EVERY single Memorial day at a service in a cemetery somewhere paying tribute to the fallen service men. For years growing up, it was in a cemetery where my grandparents and several uncles who died before I was born, were buried. Now it's wherever my kids are playing with band during the service there. Have a great one!

  5. I grew up in the same way, and probably should still do those ceremonies, but I honestly don't take the time to fit it in now.I guess the how we honor is not the important thing-just so that we do and not just make the three days weekend an excuse for a party.

  6. Happy Memorial Day! Oh the family cabin, is it the one I read so many stories about? :) I have very similar plans for cleaning/organizing our cottage this weekend. I also have a big extended family, like you do, and miss them now.


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