Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Take Home Chef

We have gone three days with an extra teen in the house, and so far so good.  Both have been incredibly busy with school, play, and soccer so really fairly quiet.  The last two nights they didn't have to be back at school for  a couple hours so came home on the bus. They made dinner. Well, M made dinner and DD assisted. This girl can cook! Last night it was meatballs in a doctored up barbecue sauce. Tonight was penne pasta with alfredo sauce. I still  had those gourmet cupcake mixes and got a call from DD wondering if they could make that.  Have at it! The cupcakes are a bit flat and spread out because DD didn't know where I kept the muffin pans. I mean, why should she know that after 15 years of living here and the storage spots being exactly the same places ever since we moved in 10 years before she was born? 

Their practice schedule has been day to day so who knows what tomorrow's dinner may be. I won't be home as I'm attending a talk at a natural food coop in Minneapolis with a work colleague to learn about cooking with roots and berries. Saturday she wants to make egg's Benedict for breakfast. I asked if she could make mine eggs Florentine and add some spinach? "Not a problem." I may need to keep insisting on a few vegetables, and request a few less sauces if this keeps up. Either that or add some more miles to my walks. Yet, I'm not about to spoil their fun. It has felt like I'm on the show, The Take Home Chef and Curtis Stone jumped into my kitchen. 


  1. Hell if someone who can cook wants to cook for me so I don't have to, I'm not about to look that gift horse(or house guest)in the mouth. lol
    I'd just eat a little less or skip lunch or breakfast or something if the dinner calorie count was high.
    Don't let that one leave!!! 8-)

    1. I know, right? I have noticed she is not much of a breakfast eater compared to mine who would be limp by 8:00 at school without eating something when she got up.I'm going to have the girls make a shopping list and as long as they want the kitchen, I'll appreciate the effort.


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