Saturday, June 11, 2016

Summer Day Trip's-Time to Build the Calendar

I shouldn't be planning any day trips with my free home days as we have so much to get done this summer on the house. I have three day trips, locations not specific, that I want to build into my summer that should be doable while getting and staying on task. . 

Day trip one: Hit a variety of farmers stands,  farmers markets, or direct source producers, with the end result of a farm to table fresh meal for me and my closest friends. I've been missing getting together as frequently as I would like, partially due to time, partially trying to rein in the spending. This might accomplish that as well as fill my need to be one with my food source. 

Day trip two: Go somewhere new that I can combine a good swim, a good book read, and a good picnic all in one place. I'm not talking about a loud and crowded water park. I think my chaperoning those may be over, as the chaos is just too much now. Potentially a small lake with public access, or a small, less used swimming pool nearby might fit the bill. 

Day Trip three: Out and about garage and flea market day, looking for the bits and pieces that I can upcycle for either our spruced up home by Septembers end, or for our bedroom at the lake place. So far, I have not heard there is any requirements placed on how we do our individual bedroom, and I'm thinking light and beachy would be so relaxing. DH won't care.

I may have to fit a hooky day in my work schedule to accomplish somethings at home, to trade in for a day off for a trip. I might  forgo heading to the lake with the rest of the family, and find a little solitude for myself. I have no big summer bucket list, but going to indulge my love of planning to get these  scheduled, and accomplished. Half my joy with experiences is always in the planning, whether a whole vacation or just a simple day. Wish me luck and I'll keep you posted when and if they happen.


  1. A good picnic good book and somewhere nice to play in the water sounds a perfect way to spend a day.

    1. Super frugal, super relaxing, and self indulgent. I have some ideas on where to go.


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