Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New Orleans-Limited Connections

I'm juggling some WiFi issues with the multiple devices I need for work, for personal, and shared work and personal, a.k.a. my phone. I have gotten very used to the world of instant WiFi access with no codes, just login and go. I haven't travelled for a while so have forgotten all the hoops sometimes that need to be done through. My impressions so far of New Orleans is that it is lively and could be a lot of fun if I was on true vacation. My daughter insists I have to get a Beignet from Cafe Du Monde, but I just ate a breakfast the size of the whole state of Louisianna, so that does not sound appealing in the least at this moment. I hope to get caught up on the world of Blogs, and send you all some thoughts on what has been muddling around in my head during my eight hours of travel yesterday, wander yesterday afternoon and ealry evening, but will do that off line and hope I can transfer.

I'll leave you with one thought.  How is it that when I try and avoid waste at home, I am very gluttonous in a hotel?  It is bothering me this morning, and I will think on it some more.

Bye ya'll.


  1. Replies
    1. So far so good, though lying in bed after my alrm went off, the hotel had to be cleared due to a report of an emergency. It was a total of 20 minutes, but in these times, still raised the blood pressure a tad.

  2. Sometimes when we are away from home we feel free to behave differently to our normal way of being, this is not necessarily a bad thing and can be de-stressing etc. I'm guessing by your post you have participated to enthusiastically in what's on offer in your hotel but so what enjoy it then hop back on the horse when back home. Life is for enjoying and it's one day at a time isn't it?

    1. I am happy withthe specila treatment, though some behaviors I see, and admit I take on, seem more than just indulgence but shear waste. I'm still noodling on it.


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