Saturday, October 1, 2016

October has Five Weekends!

A friendly black cat to usher in October.

The ratio to work week to weekends tips in the balance of weekends. My week days these days are very much out of my control. Work is work, and still a member on my team and a major launch be the end of the year will just mean heads down and keeping at the grind stone. Evenings will continue to be car pooling DD, a few parent meetings,Wednesday night volleyball, and basic housekeeping, bill paying, errands and laundry, so I intend to not add any more commitments at night and reclaim any spare hours for myself. The weekends though have untapped opportunity for a mix of fun and continued work on the house and purging. I've read that many frugal blogger use October as a spending fast. I see why the month is a good one to try and reign in finances. It gives opportunity to save for Christmas, if part of your spending, gearing up for increased utility bills, and replenishing funds that might have been used on summer vacations. While I am not doing a fast, I am still focused on those end of the year savings goals, so can do a spending cleanse if not an all out fast.

This weekend aside, October weekends can be planned that support my spending cleanse. I bought gifts for a baby shower and housewarming earlier in the week, so technically won't be spending today, though the events are today. We are going to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival tomorrow, and that while planned, is going to be the bulk of our entertainment budget for the month (and maybe Novembers as well). Here's what's already on our calendar for October. I've added the $ symbol, up to three, for where the experience falls in the scheme of spending.No symbol, the experience didn't cost anything (not counting if we brought a gift) $-minimal up to $10, $$- up to $50, and $$$ for greater than $50. I look forward to adding things like soup potlucks, bonfires, football gatherings, card and game nights, and a few movie nights at home. No extra meals out and no movie theater movies and looking to spend plenty of time outdoors.

October 1 &2- Baby shower, housewarming, Renaissance Festival ($$$ and probably need two more $ signs) More Purging

October 7, 8 & 9- Movie premier with DD1 (on a film she worked on), fall drive with packed picnic lunch and apple picking (putting at $$ but could just count in the grocery budget because we'll bring home at least a peck of apples and won't then buy them in the store. Putting in grocery though would counter my theory yesterday that apple picking is more the activity, and the apples become free food-semantics.) DD1 returning with more of her stuff, or purging more of her stuff.

October 14,15, &16- Wine club river cruise/wine tasting ($ for tips and perhaps a pop between wines),MN Bloggers Conference and after party (paid for months ago), Meat Raffle fundraiser (working it but $ for a couple happy hour priced beers for both DH and I) More Purging

October 21, 22, 23-Calendar is wide open at this point. More Purging

October 28, 28, 30-Calendar is wide open at this point. More Purging

I love the look of nothing on two whole weekends. While I know it is unlikely the calendar will remain empty, it is nice to see a blank canvas. This only applies to DH and I, the third off spring no doubt will have comings and goings so we'll have drop off an pick-ups. Today looks to be gorgeous. We are home until 1:30. so will putter around accomplishing things not done yesterday, and will fill another donation bag and box. the decluttering is an empowering feeling.  


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