Monday, November 21, 2016


DD made us some spaghetti last night. Nothing more than Barilla pasta and Ragu sauce, but at the end of a long choreography weekend for her, and a day filled with headaches and discomfort for me, it hit the spot. Comfort food. She also made me a cup of the Fortnum and Mason's tea I've been rationing since April when DD1's friend brought me us some from London. The Brit's really do make a lovely tea. I napped off an on through the day, not able to get a descent night sleep the last few nights being woken up several times. Pup kept me company, stretching out next to me, letting me feel his warmth. Pets just seem to know when extra comfort is needed, don't they. 

I'm attempting to get my stuff together long enough to get to work for a series of meetings, leading up to "the meeting" where my team gets final approval to move our plan forward, scheduled to launch December 1. I've got a comfort and care package to go with me which includes a heating pad for my lower back, which has been greatly impacted by my lack of physical mobility and a stick on heating pad for my bad knee, missing the ibuprofen I take to manage the muscle swelling. I have a container of pretzel twists and one of peanut butter plus a couple hot chocolate packets. A little protein pick-me up with a hug in a cup should help keep my energy up. Comforts.


  1. I hope you get through today with little discomfort and your dr. appointment/surgery goes well.

  2. Good luck today. Hope you feel better & your mobility is better today. Not feeling well/like yourself is the worst.


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