Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday Calm and Financial Motivation

After the business of yesterday, today was intentionally mellow. DD1 sorted through the supplies she did not use, having overbought on so many items. I'm going to buy her remaining champagne flutes, punch cups and paper bowls, and unopened candy to use for her cousins shower in five weeks. She was appreciative of  recouping some of her expenses, and saves me and my sister in law from buying these items. She was on the road early afternoon, wanting to get back and decompress herself. She doesn't have laundry in her apartment, needs to go to another floor and often it is in use so she will usually bring home her bedding and any clothes to borrow my machine. This meant she'll have a lot to haul back into her place. She also picked up her bridesmaid dress and it was at least two sizes too big, but she found someone in her town that will do alterations. Her car was pretty full when she pulled out. 

I got a hair cut and will be doing a hair color touch up tonight. I stocked up on dog food, and a few other household items. I'm not counting my personal beauty care items, bought seldom, but still expensive, towards the $300 household and grocery March target, but will count the rest. With my interview on Tuesday, it wasn't the time to stretch these items even farther, wanting to feel and look my best. I'm left with $43 for the next 12 days. Tricky business, but with the leaking check book, I am motivated. While I plan out an assortment of possible meals, I use it loosely, so there are still items in the freezer, fridge and pantry from previous meal lists still to eat. Any food costs I had to help DD2 with the shower is being counted towards gift budget, but I am making use of leftovers.

Dinner yesterday was leftover pasta salad, croissants, and fruit. Tonight it was buffalo cauliflower, buffalo chicken strips, and coleslaw (not from shower but I had 1/2 a bottle of dressing left.) DD2 and DH were quite happy. I was planning on sipping on red wine tonight, but decided to have a couple beers found in the fridge. They really hit the spot with the spicy food. In a nut shell,  today was a calm and frugal Sunday. DH is watching television, DD2 is finishing up a bit of homework and connecting with friends via whatever the social network thing is most active, and I just got back from taking pup for a walk. It may be the beer, but I feel quite content and right with the world tonight. I'm hoping that feeling stays with me as the week goes on.
First coating of hot sauce.

No breading tonight.


  1. It sounds as if you've had a great weekend. I hope that everything goes well with your interview tomorrow. Jx

  2. Sounds like a good Sunday. Hubby had to work yesterday, so the kids and I just puttered around the house. I won't say it was totally relaxing, but did feel good not to have to go anywhere once we were home from church.


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