Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Got that Tuesday Affirmative Feeling

For those sick of reading my blathering about my eating plan, my frustrations on trying to shift my pounds off my body, and other tedious things people on diets healthy living plans talk about, my apologies. I feel like by putting down my thoughts, success, and challenges, I am keeping it ever present in my mind, and holding myself accountable. I know folks will give me encouragement on my flat weight loss or as two weeks ago, weight gain weeks, and share in my modest success when even just a few ounces slip form the scale.  Life though is full of other things, so I’ll list a few other things that on this Affirmation Tuesday, are keeping my life full.

  •  Summer Flowers make me smile. I love going on my walks and strolling by the houses that have flowers along the curb, or bordering the walking path. I finally bought myself a simple $8 bunch of flowers for a hanging basket for my shepherds hook. Purple is a smiley color.
  • I love having DD2 home now, with a break from school, and time for being just a non-stressed teen. I think she developed some better organization skills toward the end of the school year, but will need to harness them all again come fall as the junior year is typically the most challenging.  She is ending with a pretty decent 3.86 GPA for the semester, considering she had 8 hours’ worth of classes (a 0 hour + 7 regular school day hours), no study hall, and five honors classes. She is a good student, but has to work at it, and work she did. It is hard to think that in just two years we will be packing her up for college.
  • I’ve had a few get togethers with my siblings in the last two weeks. My sisters 50th, a great nephews graduation, and an impromptu card night since my brother is in town, have been a lot of fun. I’m fortunate that I genuinely like my family and good that we stayed in each other’s lives even after my parents died. I also have to confess, the liquor flows freely on my side as well with some, but different from DH’s family, my siblings get funny, not mean under the influence.
  • My friend’s daughter with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is responding well to treatment.  So well, so far, that she took her softball team onto a championship! My friend A continues to gain strength, but it is a long battle. I wish I had good things to report on my niece’s husband, but will keep praying and hoping for healing for him.
  • And finally, I had the opportunity to say a final goodbye to M on Saturday. It was a difficult time, but there was so much love in the rooms, and I got to have a private moment with her mom who shared in her limited English how much I meant to her daughter.  

I should need no reminders but I took the experience as my call to live each day to the fullest. Life gets ordinary, work and chores need to be done, petty things will come up between individuals, but more so, there is joy and beauty in the ordinary, and I will embrace it.


  1. Love the positivity. I'll join in. Here are a few things that I'm feeling good about this week:
    -It's going to be gorgeous today
    -I am not able to attend an all day work social event, so I'm going to use this day to catch up after all of my crazy scheduling over the past few weeks
    -I'm heading to Portland this weekend to see family. Like you, I love spending time with my family. We are a very fun bunch.
    -The kids are on summer break, & thrilled for the break as well.

    1. All awesome things to smile about. I'm envious of kids right now.

  2. It's been a real 'summer day' in the UK too... Blue skies, warm enough to be outside from first thing etc. There's nothing like sun to build the positivity! Jx

    1. I crabe yhe sun and the warmth it brings. I make sure to sneak outside at the office to get some at work.

  3. Boiling in London yesterday strolling through Kensington gardens and Covent Garden I felt like I was on holiday I just love London and have no issues going in despite the recent atrocities and as it was full of tourists as usual it seems many people feel the same. Borough market one of my fav places is now open again god bless all of those who live and work in Borough.

    1. It's no surpise that I smile just thinking about London. The whole world had its horrors it seems but I'm happy to hear life responding with light and love.


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