Saturday, June 3, 2017

May Update-Not Sure Where It All Went Edition

The piggy was a little sad at the end of May. The month was rather sticky in the savings department. We had some big expenses that came through, lot's of atypical smaller expenses, and timing of paychecks was a bit wonky. Still, we finished in the black, and that's a good thing. Since the Kohl's cash I had from my clearance shop in April went to a regular budgeted item, clothing, I decided to put them in my Perks to Cash category, so another $40 infusion there. It was pointed out to me that I factored in the negative savings (previous savings) needed to fund the Roth and I should have only counted the difference between  new 2017 savings and the Roth of $13,000, so that made me feel a little better as I was double counting nearly $8,300 in expense. 

Still, I'm left with a hefty per month savings goal to get to December 31st even with fixing that accounting error, a laughable $4,619 per month above the line. I keep remembering, it's the journey not just the goal and paying attention to all the small things, even when they accumulate as they did in May, I'm still moving forward. I'm planning the big splurge for next summer-two weeks in Europe, hopefully with the older kids. In some spare moments, I do bits and pieces of research on costs, and think I can get this under $13,000. Daily I get reminders how short life can be, and no additional days are promised. I'll continue to balance saving for the future with investing in the now.

May Wrap Up

Annual Savings Goal          $40,417
January Deposits                $ 2,200
February Deposits               $1,283
March Deposit                     $4,901
April Withdrawal (Roth)       $-4,616
April Deposit                        $ 2,700
May Deposit                         $1,500
Perks to Cash                     $     11
Savings Goal Balance        $32,337

Financial Goals Achieved
Fully Fund Roth                  $13,000

Revised Savings Goal
Balance  june 1, 2017 (+ paying back borrowed previous savings)

December Fun Money        $     480
January set aside               $       70
February Set Aside             $         0
March Set Aside                 $         0
April Set Aside                    $         5
May set Aside                     $          0

Savings Goal Balance         $     405

2017 Goals-Recapped
 DH full 401K and Roth        $19,000
*Home Repair/Enhance       $ 5,800
*Travel                                  $ 7,500
College Savings                    $ 8,117
*Left these budget categories in tact even though we have made decisions to reduce travel costs and household maintenance/enhancement categories. I need the challenge. If you are tracking, how was May for you?

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