Friday, November 10, 2017

Feeling...Not So Good Friday

I'm fine but learned last night that my sister C, just 62, had a heart attack on Wednesday afternoon. Yesterday morning they determined a 90% block in one side and 75% on the other, and put a stent on her right side. Odd, no one heard for more than a day after-not even her children. This sister is like this, keeps important information to herself. Her husband, via text finally let us all know. His message was she is in a lot of pain, but doing "great." This sister suffers from migraines, vertigo, and depression, often down for days, sometimes weeks, and does not want interaction with anyone when attacks come on, but heart related illness is new. I'm debating driving up to see her, or waiting for more information. 

Last month my brother had emergency surgery on his small intestine. Results from testing the  part removed was a cancerous growth causing the blockage. Unlock my sister, my brother and his wife are keeping folks informed. While the doctors feel they got all the cancer, he will be starting chemo for precautionary reasons, as I understand. He is the oldest in the family, 18 years older than me. 

Illness has been rampant in my extended family lately. Please keep good thoughts for positive outcomes for them both-I really appreciate it. It is odd to me to be dealing with this with my siblings. These are illnesses many of my friends are facing with their parents, but when you come from a large family with such wide age ranges, the oldest are not that much younger than some of my friends parents. 

Today I'll have serious thoughts of getting in better shape, not letting my own bad habits contribute to my medical demise. I wish I could keep that resolve tomorrow, and the next  day, and the day after that. I don't smoke, have never smoked, and so far, my cholesterol is in check. But, I know the extra wight makes my heart work harder-perhaps too hard. While I had a clean colonoscopy last January, not eating enough vegetables and still eating too much sugar and simple carbs isn't a help to my colon health. I've started letting work and family pressure and deadlines build up, turning to too much caffeine which I know is causing a sleep disruption. I'm already doing too much binge watching and other screen time overindulgence. 

Maybe biting things off again week to week in light of my families health scares, will kick start me in the right direction again. I've gotten complacent, but here are five resolves for the week. 

  1. Get the simple white flour pastas, bread,and rice off my plate. 
  2. Drink 16 ounces of water to and from work each day. Eliminate caffeine after noon. 
  3. Wind down without electronics before going to bed. 
  4. Start my morning with 10 minutes of quiet meditation/reflection. 
  5. Despite the cold, bundle up, walk at least two extra blocks.
 Who's with me on this? What are your five steps towards a healthier you to make this week?


  1. Best wishes to your siblings.

    Hope you'll update date us on your goals. My big one for this week is to get some sleep. Oh, and drink more water.

  2. I hope the family are restored to full health very soon.
    Those sound like very doable goals. I'm pretty happy with my diet and exercise regime but would love not to wake up at 4.15am every morning, it's driving me mad! xxx

  3. I hope your brother and sister get well soon. Funny enough I can understand your sister's need for privacy during her illness (although that would never be me). When my dad's last brother died earlier this year I remember my sister saying "well, we're at the top of the tree now". I guess everyone has had to deal with it but we are THAT generation now. Good luck with your healthy resolutions though. I'm right there with you. Anna

  4. My thoughts are with you Sam.

  5. Sending good thoughts to you & your family.

    My goals for the next 7 days:
    -Get in my steps tomorrow, at a soccer tournament. Use kid warm up time to either run or do a brisk walk. x2, as they are two games.
    -Go for a 2+ hour hike tomorrow
    -Do yoga one day this week
    -Take a meditation/awareness class
    -Keep up the "no sugar/treats/sweets" trend I have going. I'm not perfect & am not yet focused on sugar in other food (dips, spices, sauces, etc), but am just trying to cut sweet treats out of my diet.

  6. I hope your siblings soon have great health again, 'm sure it's a worry when your sister doesn't communicate well but if that's her strategy for coping that's her strategy!

  7. I have four siblings and all of them have health problems from diabetes to back issues, to arthritis and joint problems. I'm the second oldest at 59 and I'm fortunate to only suffer from some minor aches and pains. Getting good sleep is important to me as I feel my body has a chance to heal during that time. My job is very physical and strenuous. Also, having alone time early in the morning helps me get my head right. I probably don't eat right because I'm carrying 20 extra pounds, but I feel good for the most part. It's tough being this age seeing our friends and family dealing with health issues. When we were young, we never thought we'd be this old. lol

  8. Thank you all for you well wishes and positive thoughts. My sister did get to go home yesterday, so I didn't end up visiting her after all, and left her to her own peaceful resting at home.As several commented, I do need to respect her way of communicating/not communicating, but be here should she want sisterly support. y brother, pretty much an optimist most of the time, remains in good spirits.

  9. Thinking of you and your family Sam....This has been such a trying few months for you, your family, and your friends. I think being aware of your risk factors and trying to eat better/get in shape will help you feel more in control of the situation. Just remember to give yourself some grace...((hugs))

  10. I am sorry to hear of your siblings' health problems and hope they continue to improve. I have gotten more sleep this last week, eaten less bread and more green stuff. I am so much over weight that I don't know how I live.


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