Saturday, November 4, 2017

October Progress on Financial Goals

Last month I changed up how I was tracking and reporting on our savings goals. The month to month variances are hard to explain, so I've simplified to have our starting goal, progress in cash difference, and progress on utilizing the savings towards our priorities. We increased our cash savings balance by $1,500 in October. As part of our original goal was to top off DH's retirement to the max of $24,000, I've added that into the non-cash progress towards our savings goal.

Annual Savings Goal          $40,417

Cash Savings Increase        $ 8,091
(since January 1, 2017) Financial Goals Achieved/Progress
Fully Fund Roth                  $13,000
DH Additional Retirement   $  2,516 (towards $6,000 as part of annual goal)

Total Savings achieved      $23,607

Goal Balance                     $16,810

The cash savings means we have enough to meet the $8,000 target towards DD2's college fund, we originally set as a target. We are averaging $2,3607 per month in short and long term savings. It would be really ideal if we could keep that average up or improve these last two months, missing our mark by only $12,000. (Only-ha ha). If you are curious to see what made up the $40,417 target, revisit the post from last December Thinking Ahead to 2017 Financial Goals.


  1. You've still done very well for yourselves, as always goals should be high to make the biggest achievement. You likely would not have saved what you had if you didn't set a stretch goal :)

    1. While it was even beyond a stretch goal, recapping each month helps refocus each month, and in the end, make better decisions. I've challenged myself on groceries, new clothes, road trips, etc. to get the most value for least funds spent. so that I could put those funds towards savings. A work in progress, but hopefully, we'll chip away more by the end of the year.

  2. Congratulations on meeting your financial goals. I am so happy we have no more college tuitions___ever!

    1. Now, we might actually ut something towards the home and travel accounts-we shall see where November and December takes our check book.


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