Saturday, February 24, 2018

Feeling Good Friday-on Saturday

I was swamped yesterday with getting caught up after not being in the office for over a week, so no blogging time. February has not been the health focused month I was hoping for, but my mega cooking spree on Monday when i had the day off was sure put to good use for using leftovers or batched cooking for meals. I still have a jar of soup for supper for DH and me. We are expecting a mega snow storm some time after 5:00 or so. DD2 is supposed to be hanging with friends mid afternoon, but we gave her strict rules that she needs to leave when the snow starts or plan to stay put overnight. We were supposed to have friends over, but with the snow, they want to be homebodies and I don't blame them.

Did I do anything healthy for my physical and mental health this week? Not really, but as 2018 is my year for looking for the positive and trying to keep forward momentum, I'll dug down deep again.

1. The scale is at least honestly telling me I'm not improving my eating. I have not gained anything, but no progress towards my weight loss goals.  I have to be honest with myself and sneaking a candy bar, just because it is a boring seminar mid afternoon, is not conducive.
2. Seeing note above and the candy snacks I was having at the supervisor training, on Friday I planned for a healthy snack and ate an orange at 3:30-despite wanting to raid a coworkers candy basket.
3. DD2 got her application in for National Honor Society. We splurged on a new, but basic printer. I finally just decided not having this essential home office tool was adding too much frustration on too many evenings. It sure helped her and by proxy me, being able to print her final application at home, knowing it was ready to have final signatures and be returned with plenty of time before the deadline. Being frugal is one thing. Being a martyr is something else.
4. Despite the additional crap weather-rainy snow and ice on Monday to Tuesday, snow Thursday night, and more snow today, I'm being intentional about thinking the end is in site. I binge watched some videos on YouTube on a few places I want to go, and gave myself a mini mind vacation.
5. I am utterly enjoying the Olympics this winter. Yes, Minnesotans are rocking the medals and representing our country proud, but I love it all. I liked the Canadians and Germans both winning gold in bob sled. The beauty and artistry of the two Russian figure skaters, but both with sweet smiles and hugs for each other-priceless. I shed a tear for the Canadian skater who wept that she let her family and country down with a less than stellar performance. Let me tell you young lady, you let no one down! No one is perfect and unfortunately, your less than perfect was at one of the biggest stages in the world-no one can say they are not proud of you.

I've been staying up too late watching, so despite enjoying the Olympics, I will be happy to get to bed at a normal hour again. Last night I had the most bizarre dream that I was at some venue with a jazz band and I was asked to sing with them. Apparently in this alternate universe, I sing wonderfully and everyone knows it. I woke up before I heard myself sing! Let e tell you, that would be a nightmare. I hope you all have a great weekend and make the most of this final weekend in February.


  1. I was doing so well with healthy eating but was foiled for a day by mini cupcakes and Hershey's kisses,
    Funny, you were singing, while I was dancing in my dream. IRL I am a horrid dancer so it was surprising to see me do things my waking knees would not hear of.

    1. We could be a sleeping, singing,dancing act. Leftover treats are diet busters.

  2. So, this is a new week on healthy eating. Don't beat yourself up.
    Our printer was vexing at best, for the kids with their work. I finally sent DH out earlier in the year to replace it. I don't hesitate to spend money on things necessary for academics.

    1. I don't know why we waited so long to replace. For under $55, we've saved a week of headaches. I appreciate the words of encouragement on eating front.


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