Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Menu Planning Monday on a Tuesday Afternoon

Old stock photo-not my soup but yum!
I'm taking a break from my task list to think about meals for the week. Sunday we ate up the leftovers lingering in the refrigerator before DD2 and I took off and we had a picnic supper. DH made a frozen pizza Sunday night. We ended up getting to try out the college cafeteria for lunch, but by 6:00 we were hungrier than snacks alone and stopped for the bathroom at a DQ and shared a chicken tenders basket, pretzels, and a chili dog. DH had made himself some frozen chicken  breasts, which now I have to figure out how to make the leftovers and the remaining frozen one into a dinner some night.  Here's my plan of meals for the week. It's a very repetitive use of some foods as I try to keep what we have in fridge and freezer in use so I will have room for Easter meal prep in two and 1/2 weeks. Hopefully these options get us through Saturday and I'll do a new plan for the crazy week we are back at school and work.

  • Chicken drumsticks, mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables
  • Chicken noodle soup (reserving two of the 10 pack of legs) with lots of vegetables, drop cheddar biscuits
  • Meatballs in gravy (cream of mushroom soup) over rice, with steamed carrots 
  • Tuna noodle hotdish with peas
  • BBQ Meatballs, sweet potato wedges, corn
  • Spaghetti and meatballs
  • Tuna croquettes (using/imitating Anne's chicken croquette recipe and substituting canned tuna), rice pilaf and spinach salad LINK: Chicken Croquettes

This should be an easy week to stay sort of on plan since I am off work. I'd like to prep a bit for next week, and then mostly need to just grocery shop for supplemental sides. I'm hoping the tuna croquettes are a hit as it seems like something that would be easy and a little different. What's on you menu this week? Is anyone inspired by another bloggers recent recipe posts and giving it a whirl? 


  1. Country fried steak with mashed potatoes tonight. No idea for the rest of the week. I have a freezer chock full of $1.99/lb. ground beef, so you can be certain that will be featured.
    Yes, all you bloggers certainly inspire my menu choices! I love to read what people are serving at their homes, and shamelessly copy menus/recipes!

    1. If I came across GB at that price, it would be a staple here too. The mratnslls came in at $4 a pound but so easy for cooking.

  2. I often make croquettes with a small can of tuna and really cannot tell much difference in the taste. Actually, I have only used one blogger's recipe, Mavis taco casserole, and make it in the crockpot, so it is more like taco soup. However, I do copy recipes to use someday. I have a hen and turkey thighs that need to go into a turkey bag in the oven. The breast will give me meat for the rest of this week, and exbf will get the turkey thighs and the rest of the hen.

    1. Good to hear others have tried other proteins successfully in croquettes. Turkey and chicken ready for meals is convenient.

  3. I really admire the way you have your meals as busy as you are.


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