Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year and December Positively Tuesday Results

Happy New Year! Are you feeling inspired and motivated for changes and new beginnings? I am, but then again, I look at the start of each month as a do over-maybe I'll get it right this year-whatever that means, and in no way implying I've gotten it wrong other years. I made some December goals, Positively Tuesday goals. Seeing as today is also a Tuesday, I'm thinking about how I did and if I made the most of December. We didn't go out last night. I was feeling very lethargic and achy. I binge watched Youtube episodes of the British game show Pointless, falling asleep off and on. I missed our local count down, but knew it was past midnight when DD2 got home. Here's how my December goals shook out.

  1. Try a new recipe and blog about it. changed out 1/2 the batch of peanut blossoms with Reese's Peanut Butter cups and I made salmon for Christmas-the first time ever. I'll count this as a success.  
  2. Read a book for fun, even if it is one I already have read. Well, I started the book club book. I need it read and questions prepped before January 10th.  
  3. Write towards completing my book at least 10 hours cumulatively. Thanks to some motivation by DD1, I put a good solid three hours into the book this month. It was something at least.  
  4. Limit TV/streaming/YouTube to not more than 6 hours during the week, and 6 total on weekends. There is just too much other stuff to do in December, and if I have a free night, going to bed early would be a good thing. I seemed to leave a lot of the holiday movies by the way side as the month went on. Still, I watched more than I wanted. For the month, I'll just give this a yellow. 
  5. Other than a holiday lunch for my team, my gift to them, no eating out or morning coffee stops (work days). This was a fail as the month went on. Dinner after the concert, happy hours, coffee and tea with family and friends-bust.  
  6. Cook two meals at once at least once per week.  I made extras of food, but only a couple times managed to think ahead as an actual double meal. If I'm going to save in 2019, I have to be better organized in the kitchen. 
  7. Pack and actually eat, two servings of fruit and veg to my lunch each day. Pretty good here. 
  8. Add a midday outside walk, every day if possible, even if only around the building. My body craves some natural light when I leave and come home in the dark. Perhaps twice a week, but definitely need to get some real sunlight in January during the day. 
  9. Fit in a 10-15 minute yoga video in at least 2 times per week, This has gone by the wayside and by body feels it. Boo-again, I came short here. Once again though my daughter is motivating me and she got me  yoga mat for Christmas and signed me up for a tester class. Love that kid! (Couldn't put that in red bold!)
  10. Not gain any weight. I'm frustrated with myself for putting back on the five pounds lost on vacation, and being so close to the weight again I was two years ago, my heaviest. 2019 has to be the year I get my weight in check. Holding steady at least in December, despite the treats and calorie laden food, will boost my confidence heading into January. I can declare success here. While nothing was really lost, all the activity kept the massive amount of rich and sweet foods off my body.
I'm taking a few readers advise and breaking down my annual goals into target by month. I did think about these for the month and I realize 10 was biting off more challenge than I should have for December. Checking in each week eas good motivation to keep momentum, even if not being successful. How did December treat you? Did anyone close the year with big celebrations? 

I'm ending my New Year's Day post with some inspiration from my daughter to help me make the year ahead calmer, focused, and filled with joy. Could we all benefit from taking just three breaths when we start moving o fast we may forget where we were even trying to go?

Three Breaths


  1. We ended the year with a soccer game on the beach (it was a sunny, gorgeous & cold day yesterday) & then made dinner. We had steak, mashed potatoes, sprouts & mushrooms. Dinner was fabulous & we were in bed by 9. ;-) Party animals!

    December goals are always a bit of a crapshoot for me.

  2. We ended 2018 with a snacky dinner on our fine china... a tradition we started a few years ago and one that the kids look forward to each year. The boys went to bed around 9 (in our house you have to be at least 10 to stay up until midnight). I fell asleep in the recliner and was woken up at 11 by Rebecca who wanted to play Scrabble with her dad and I. We watched the ball drop and then about an hour of the musical acts before I headed to bed around 1:15. Happy New Year Sam and family!

  3. I watched the ball drop on TV sitting in the den with a flannel nightgown on. Try to not envy my exciting life.

  4. It all sounds great Sam. Gentle suggestion...make sure you notice your successes and look back from where you've come from. You achieve a lotx

  5. I hope your 2019 is most marvelous!
    As for me I went to bed at 10PM after reading The Little Match Girl.

  6. We stayed up until midnight, but it was hard as I was falling asleep. Even the grandsons stayed up.


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