Monday, May 30, 2016

Back in Civil-ization and Hamburgers

We came back late last night from the cabin. Let's just say too much alcohol (not me) mixed with complex family decisions, and me with DH's family needs to be kept in limited dosage. I just need to remember, this is not my circus, nor  my monkey's. We'll move on. DH has to work half a day as well, so I'll spend some time getting some things accomplished at home. I had brought so much other food, and combined with other family salads and hot dishes, I didn't use the hamburgers so grilled burgers will be a nice end to the weekend, sitting on my own deck. 

I love a good hamburger, and it all starts for me with a slow cooked burger, making sure there is no pink in the middle. If I see pink, I am turned off immediately. A fast grilled burger often doesn't leave enough time for the center to properly cook, once the center is done, a little flame then to lock in all the flavor is perfect.  DD#2 likes hers only with a little ketchup-me, I like a good slice of cheese, pepper jack in my favorite, then a squirt of ketchup, mustard, and a little dab of mayo. When we go out for burgers, or I am feeling inspired at home, the topping, and sometimes the insides, get pumped up. Here are a few favorites.

Inside burgers are pretty popular, but hard to make at home without ending up with a mess, but I've tried a couple to some success. I've kept the names I learned some of these by-though I do not know the origin, or what we refer to them by in our family. 
  • Juicy-Lucy-Cheddar cheese stuffed inside the burger. Molten deliciousness.
  • Granny's Favorite-Cream cheese and green olives, salty and creamy goo mixed with the juices.  My mouth is watering. this one was hard to make at home, but worth it, as sadly, the bar and grill that made them is closed, I've not seen them on any other menu.
Topping combinations
  • Patty melt-grilled onions, cheddar cheese, served on toasted rye, pumper nickle or, thick multi grain bread, with a side of thousand island dressing.
  • California burger-My mom's favorite with onion, lettuce, and tomato
  • California BLT-Same as above with Bacon and cheese
  • Fake Granny's or Rook Burger-Cream cheese and green olives, works best to spread thick layer of cream cheese on the bun, and place bun on top of burger for final cooking or the cream cheese melts all over
  • Pepper jack and pickles-I love pepper jack cheese, so thick amounts with salty dill pickle slices is phenomenal. 
  • Crunchy onions-If you end up with leftover french fired onions friend onions from the green beans, keep for burger toppings.  The added crunch is tasty
  • Ham and cheese-Throw a slice or two of deli ham on the grill, lightly grill the bun, and then put the ham and a slice of American on it right before adding the burger,and you have the best of burgers and grilled ham and cheese together. 
  • Any darn thing you like. Ive heard of peanut butter and fried eggs, grilled vegetables, and grilling the pickles. No topping is off limits if you like it.  
Happy grilling all!
Our friends son tried The Ultimate Burger challenge-he
didn't quite make it, but made a good dent. 


  1. I too have learned to avoid the combination of drink and discussion of family matters!

    As for the burgers - decisions decisions.

    1. I get overly sensitive and protective of my family so best to have cut the weekend short by a day. I'm happy I did so.

  2. I was fortunate enough to miss the family drama, drunk relative storming off the scene, hobbling through the street, other drunk relative being hauled home by different relative, insults being slung at the bride and mother of the bride, swear words being exchanged over where the key to the liquor cabinet is, screaming match this weekend with my in laws. SOOOOOOO great to not have been there this time! (still embarrassing just to hear the story)

    I honestly think I need to start coming up with really good excuses to miss out on holidays and special events. Any suggestions?

    1. I haven't figured it out yet. Try avoiding ones that will have triggers that bring out the worst. Easier said than done.

    2. There's no triggers. It's every get together :(

    3. I would say no excuses needed then. They can figure out why your family doesn't come;no one needs that kind of stress.

  3. I have learned to just say "oh, how nice" and keep my opinions to myself. It makes life easier.

    1. I like the "ignorance is bliss" approach. Like everyone pretending along with my drunk nieces fall on the stairs taking down my drunk sister in law as well was all due to wet and slippery stairs. She even managed sympathy from her grandma (mother in law) who would never think the princesses daughter was a falling down lush.

  4. I must say there was no family drama at holiday gatherings with my family. Mama did not allow drinking. No matter what we did before and after we left her house, she heard nothing of it. Okay, maybe we told her later. We did not associate much with Daddy's family because there would probably be drinking, loudness, verbal fighting. Daddy's brothers might have taken their physical fights outdoors.

    Right now, with no family around, I have spent holidays at home alone many times because there was too much family drama at my friend's house. I like peace.

    1. Fortunately, never physical just good old fashion verbal rudeness and disrespect mixed with an air of superiority and obnoxiousness, with a sense of entitlement thrown in for good measure.


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