Thursday, October 18, 2018

Thrifty Thursday

This massive grant project at work is kicking my but, so the fact that I haven't gone on a massive splurge of take out coffees, chocolate bars, and pizza every day for lunch might be as thrifty as I get this week. I did stop on route yesterday for a large, I mean laaaarge, coffee, and I may do so again today. No self judgment. I'm looking around this morning and having a good think. Here is a smidge of thriftiness.

  • While picking apples and pumpkins is not inexpensive, spending $42.40 on apples, cider, and a 31 pound  future jack-o-lantern, we bought directly from a local farm. Supporting the local farm economy, saving some of that produce from having to be shipped elsewhere, and knowing the source, is a bargain to me. 
  • That said, we didn't over pick more than could be used, splitting varieties with my older daughter. (she spent $23 on her own pumpkin, cider, and apples that were not self picked and we shared)
  • Other entertainment for the weekend was low cost Netflix movies, Sunday football, walks, and dinners made at home.
  • Skipped take out last night, even though I really didn't feel like cooking, but found frozen burgers and french fries in the freezer. I am counting as a thrifty win, as I didn't really cook-just through the burgers in with the french fries after seasoning them, and dinner was ready in 25 minutes, no take out prices.
  • While I need a pair or two of new tights, I haven't yet had the time to shop. I made do with what I had, wearing boots, or long enough dresses to cover where there was considerable wear. Maybe not thrift, maybe even  slovenly, but it saved me from buying cheap pairs from Target until I can source some better quality ones at the same price.

Well that was a stretch to get to five. I packed lunch everyday this week and  made homemade muffins from frozen bananas past their eating prime. I tried to economize trips and make stops on my way to or from work. We bought store brand or used up what we had o hand for the bake sale products DD2 made. These were all part of the thrift that is becoming routine again. I'm still doing the usual to keep funds under control a bit. How was your week? Any wins to brag about?

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Are You a Sheep or a Ram?

I overheard a couple students talking the other day when I was at the high school for DD1's concert. It was just a quick exchange, but one yelled,laughing at the other, "stop being a sheep"to which the other responded, "well at least I'm not a ram."  Of course I've heard the sheep description of those people that just follow along others in life, rarely stepping outside of a predetermined path or thought process, content to let other take the lead. I had not heard someone described as a ram, but I get it, and understand how it could be the antithesis of being a sheep. A sheep follows the order of things, the ram crashes forward, regardless of what might be in their path, and what might fall or crumble around them. 

Of course in this politically charged world, we have people being accused of being sheep all the time-literally, left, right and center. Ironically, many of the "sheep" are following, no questions asked, a "ram' who has crashed through policy and procedure with little regard to any of the fall out when the boulders break apart. Rams just keep pushing through, so intent and sure of where they are heading, the repercussions are legitimized in their head. Sure, a few sheep will get conked on the head as they mindlessly follow, but acceptable collateral damage for the ram, who knows the best way, the only way forward. 

I'd like to think I'm neither. I can't think of another animal in this metaphor though. While I have used ram like tenacity to drive a point across, I feel like I can also listen to other perspectives, and together, reach more a consensus on direction. Sometimes, it is just easier and no harm in just being a sheep. There are some traditions, some ways of doing things that even if I think are not the best, I'll march along like a sheep because to disrupt the status quo is not worth my personal energy. 

I am thinking to much on these animal metaphors. I need to be careful of what my nosy ears over hear. But, what are your thoughts. Are you ore a ram or a sheep/ What animal would you suggest describes the more neutral approach to life?

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Bake Sales and Folksy Stuff

It's conferences tonight and tomorrow and that means bake sale! This year though, DD2 has to bring the goods as this is run by the National Honor Society kids. Technically now, it is a Baked Goods Donation Opportunity (I made that up), not a bake sale. The authorities are cracking down on illicit home made goods being sold in public places. Last year I noticed he signs were "suggested minimum donation of $3.00" per item. I'm guessing most people just turn over  over in increments of $5 for their goodies. 

DD2 has four little loaves of pumpkin bread, two on each plate, and two large portions of the Chex Puppy Chow.. The pumpkin bread was very low cost to make since I used up ingredients. Puppy chow can get a bit spendy, but she used store brand rice chex, chocolate chips, peanut butter, and powdered sugar. I guess the batch probably was $6 to make. These will sell fast; puppy chow always does. I bet the bread will go fast as well.

I love baked sales as fund raisers. There is usually a variety of selection. The items are made with the end goal in mind, fund raising for a cause, so people tend to turn out their best stuff. OK, sometimes a dud like the over baked lemon bars I brought home last year, but usually all items are good. The people making things have leeway over their expense by making something with low cost items if they choose. For the teens and older kids, it puts them in control of making, packaging, displaying, and selling the items. There will be another bake sale at spring conferences. Proceeds are used for some of the upfront expenses for the Gillette Walk-A-Thon, the big fundraiser NHS in our town does for the children's hospital. Some proceeds go to other charitable and volunteer projects as prioritized by the students at the beginning of the year.  

If there are lemon bars this year, I may have t give them another try. What's your thoughts on bake sales? Do you like the folksiness of them? In the scheme of fund raisers, yay or nay?

Monday, October 15, 2018

Reposting From a Friends Blog-Better Words than I Have on Conquering Clutter

I get awfully familiar with you all in cyber space and refer to you that read my blogs or those whom blog and I read yours, as my friends. In my head, I am busy decluttering and creating space and calm in my home. In reality, it is more like rearranging deck chairs on a sinking ship. I've been following Thrift Deluxe for a while and her struggles with clutter, creating space, letting unimportant things go, really resonates with me. Today, I'd like to just share a ink to her blog post. 

Nine to Five: Breathing Space sums up getting to a place I hope to get to. I particularly like how she talks about books, things that have no magical power unless we give them such, as a way to frame why it is OK to get rid of all sorts of things. Have a read. She's a wise lady.