Saturday, June 12, 2021

Saturday Schmatterings-Back to Back Posts

      Maybe I'm getting my blogging mojo back. I realized in my Friday W's, there were things I  left off, and so edited later. Work and little else on the brain is not a good place of mind, and I will be blogging more as it does help set a transitional tone between life and work, and back to life again. That sounds a bit like I am jettisoned from home, then need to be pulled back each day-maybe that's what it is like. As I will now be a 1/2 time plus teleworker likely until the end of my  career, I need some tips form  those of you who have been doing this for a long time. 

     I realized I never updated anyone on my niece -in-law after such nice comments and support. She is doing well, considering, and is home now. She had a scary first weekend in the hospital-when I had shared the news. Later in the week they were able to  take off the paralytic agent, and by the end of the weekend she was out of ICU, and  discharged to recuperate more at home on Tuesday. She spent a total of 11 days in the hospital,  four in the medically induced coma, another four in ICU, and three in the Covid unit. My daughter knew she was home first as she made a comment on one of her Facebook posts. 

     The cabin legal saga continued yesterday with DH's  ridiculous  uncle. I'll never understand exactly what started the whole drama, why and for what he decided to create a vendetta against the other partners (family) for supposedly violating his rights, but there was a live court hearing. victory for DH and crew but now the messy aftermath of disolving the partnership, which really is lopping off a part of their family to a certain extent. I forgot to share this. The Saturday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend we were all sitting on the main cabin deck, along with DH's younger cousins who had been at the other cabin for the weekend with their young families. Out of the blue, the ridiculous uncles son, DH's cousin, showed up to hang out with everyone. Reading this, your first thought might be that he was spying for his dad-looking for tools for the legal issues. Nope-he just came as he really was just missing  the family. I've always felt bad for him, who was always so close,  and DH's aunt, who never wanted to be part of the rift, and both know how  awful their husband/dad has made the situation. He stayed for dinner and yard games and stayed even past when I had left. His sister, 100% is on her dad's side and has cut all of her mom's family, DH's family out of her and her kids lives. 

     I know my girls worry about something like this happening with the  main cabin-the one  just in DH's immediate family. DH's brother and sister are quite  overbearing and we've already seen some power clashes this summer between them. My and the girls attitude is this is  privleged Bull Shit behavior at it's finest, and we'll have no part. We'll just not go, or leave if tension filled, as the point of the place is for positive family time and get away from stress. DH gets our view, but its harder as it is his  family and he sees it as he and his kids have equal birthright to the place, so will see him constantly playing peacemaker. The latest  power battle? Where a bunk bed set will go! Silly. 

     I just realized tomorrow will already be six weeks since we had our Adopt  a Park clean-up so I need to work on picking a date and scheduling mid-summer. My younger sister is back to her  Monday-Friday commute to her work site, Memphis this time, then jets back to Minnesota on weekends. She works from home one week a month, so I thought maybe picking a later Thursday afternoon, followed by  dinner or my favorite, happy hour, on a patio and going to the Thursday night concerts might be a nice plan. We didn't have great participation by the younger generation, but maybe a weeknight would work better than a weekend. 

     That's my schmatterings for this week. We're supposed to get reprieve from the excessive heat warnings, but with that is pending thunderstorms. I'll be sure to update you on that as weather seems to be the one consistent topic in my blog. 

Friday, June 11, 2021

What's Going on in My World: Friday W's


     I thought I should pop in a bit again and let you all know I'm still here. I am reading blogs, but usually through my phone so can't  post comments very well. Monday was one hell of a day. Between dealing with angry people who were not funded, we still had clean-up to do from the funding release. Did I mention on my Saturday post that pup was not feeling well? Well it got progressively worse, and by late morning on Monday, he was just listless, then he came over crying. I took him out side, and I'll spare details but things were not right. I of course Googled his symptoms and was scared he was deathly ill. Fortunately I got him into the vet, who diagnosed him with potentially a virus, possibly a parasite, possibly a little exposure to something with toxicity. I left with both an antibiotic, and two stomach treatments, which I am happy to say, has him getting back to himself. 

     I've not been writing posts because when I have down time from work, I'm trying to keep the hosue afloat, stay cool in this incredible June heatwave, and try and fit in a little entertainment and social life. To say TGIF is an understatement. Next week I have one of my team on vacation, then I am out the following. This staffs 1/2 time redeployment will be done when I get back-just in time to launch the new fiscal year. It's not all stress and flurry, and I will do a simple pleasures post on Tuesday...really I will. 

Where I've been: Last Friday my daughter and I went to an outdoor Improv show, and last night my younger daughter and I, despite the heat, went to a live Ladies of the 80's concert. Our city is hosting Thursday night concerts through the summer. I forgot when I first posted to share I also went to Trivia on Wednesday and we won first! $30 in veer money for next week. I think our competition will eventually come back so this is likely a one off.  

The band was not the B52's, but the wigs were pretty good. 

Where I'm going: The boat is done with the tweaks needed and Sunday we will give it our first good use of the summer. I don't plan to stay over since pup is not 100% himself and we don't need him getting into new stuff while his tummy's still sensitive. 

What I'm reading:  Not-A-Thing...and it pains me after having read a few books in April and early May. This prompt does remind me we have major stack of books that need to be returned. I also put my two beach read finds on a shelf in our cabin bedroom and they'll be ready for me when I take a few quiet days there. 

What I'm listening to: I have either public radio or BBC  World Service streaming when I'm not in meetings. Do I really anything I've heard? Not really, but I am listening for certain updates. 

What I've been watching: I've updated to include this category. While nursing the dog, I watched Mare of Easttown. I also finally finished all the episodes of the Irregulars. Both were slow to get into, but were good. 

What I'm eating:  I'm continuing to try new things and efforts to increase my success to getting at least five a day. Last night I experimented with a spinach artichoke sauce, and it was a hit. I served over rice, and I think it should be better with pasta. I'll try and remember how I made it and add to a Wednesday pantry post. I'm happy my daughter has access to a microwave at work, so she was able to bring leftovers a couple days-more satisfying than cold sandwiches every day. I'm glad as that should keep leftovers in check. Other meals was a huge crockpot pasta dish, BBQ country ribs with potatoes or couscous, and green beans, and Aldi red bag chicken and sweet potatoes fries. 

Who I'm paying attention to: I'm following the presidents trip to the G7 Conference. So nice to see a grown up meeting with other world leaders. I love Jill Biden's "Love" coat, but I can't help but think perhaps it was a  little bit of a middle finger  back at the former first ladies, "I Don't Care" coat. No one else think that? I guess I showed my dark and petty mind, LOL. 

What I'm planning: I'm really looking at my retirement funds-really looking at DH's and trying to figure might he be able to retire even earlier, though he is insistent he wasn't to get to 62. This heat has been so hard on him. I'm also starting to think about my week off and a good to do list, and thinking more about our late fall road trip-no real planning yet though. 

     Again, apologies for my sporadic blogging and comments on others. I feel like I might be leveling out b y July, so no promises on being a regular blogger until then. When I do come back, I hope I can add more photos, a bit more humor, and a bit more life beyond the office. Enjoy your weekend and 

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Saturday Schmatterings-Life Update

      Blogging has taken a massive backseat the last few weeks, and I miss it. Tonight I plan to spend some time organizing my blogging schedule and thinking through possible content and catching up reading blogs from my virtual friends who were my lifeline for so much of the last year. Here's just a quick schmattering of life until I can properly get back to what was my blogging norm or at least a routine.


     Thank you all for the kind words for my niece-in-law. She is still on the respirator, but recent updates are that her O2 levels are improving. They took her off the paralytic agent and she was able to blink and nod. Please keep positive energy coming.

     My son has been busy working again, but that means staying off my radar to get any real conversation. I get it and he's always been like this, but when he talks, he talks!

     DD1 still is on house hunt, but there is nothing that has worked. Over priced crap or snatched from the market before she can even view. She had to work this morning then will be with friends for rest of weekend.

     DD2 starts her Americorp position Monday and I am glad! She has been bored with so much time off after such a busy student life. She's had fun though with highschool friends including backyard fires and horseback riding and beach days. She's back in her college town this weekend for an event and to see friends working on campus this summer.

     DH's foot healed for the most part but still sore.  We're back listed to get the part needed on the boat to get the steering better but he's looking forward to his Sundays with it on the lake. We had a dock issue anyway, but should be good by Fathers Day weekend. He's got to look at his calendar and get at least one long weekend scheduled. If I can take off I will,  but minimally I'll work from the lake.


     Speaking of vacation time, I got approved to carry forward about 80 hours over July 1, but only to August 31. I'll take 80 hours in August, two weeks, plus an additional 4 days to get back to 275 at least once. 

     The major project launched Friday. I still have two more but they are more straight forward and less players to coordinate. I'm taking the week of June 20th off, as best I can. I'm feeling very supported by the new director who gives me space, but also could take things off my plate. I'm trying to do the same with people that report to me. The return to office has been pushed back another month. I'll likely do two days in office and the other days, hopefully returning to my 9/10 two week schedule, from home.


     One word - chaos. Today is home focused for laundry, superficial cleaning at least, and more purging. It's likely going to hit 98 so don't want to be in that too long, but need to do some weeding, spray paint a pot, and dig up some ferns to put in the pot. That will go on my daughters porch.


     Hah! I've dropped at night from mental exhaustion so have done little. DD1 and I went to an Improv show by our community theater and then for a drink at the brewery last night. As I shared, she had an early morning so we just had one and she dropped me off by 9:30.  Trivia starts up again Wednesday after the false start a few weeks back. We've gotten several grad party invites. Most are Saturdays so likely DH won't go with me.

     I think that covers life as I'm living it. I best get going again and make way on the chaos. Thank you for reading and enjoy your Saturday.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Things are Far From Normal

      We have sad news in our family of an extended family loved one now on a respirator for Covid. She is a 38 year old mother of two. I don't know if she was or was not vaccinated. I don't know where she may have contracted it. I don't know if she avoided crowds, wore a mask all the time or was only around people who wore a mask. I know nothing and I don't really care what any of the answers are. I am sad, scared, and feel helpless to try and help her immediate family.  I'm angry that someone, somewhere continues to minimize this health crisis, while others lie in hospital beds. I'm mad at the political rhetoric and talking heads in Washington that just will not shut up with their visceral spewing of nonsense in the name of "muh freedum".  

     I appreciate folks saying I just need to not work when I should be off the clock. It just isn't going to happen for a few weeks. The work I'm doing is trying to mitigate some of the stress and learning disruption that happened over the last 16 months, while still trying to move forward as more people are vaccinated. It's just how it is now, and I can't work faster to get everything done that needs to be done in the next two weeks. There literally is no one else that can do some of the things I am doing as those that could, have their own tasks. I got a little break this weekend before  diving back in, and before hearing about my family. I'll try to get back to blogging when I can but felt you all deserved a little explanation of where my head has been at, and where it will be for a while. I'll take mental health breaks and catch up with you all as I can. Take care and stay safe.