Monday, September 29, 2014

More Gifts of Veggies

Fall came back to Minnesota.  Not 80 degrees today, it is sweater weather.  I received another bounty of garden produce from a coworkers brother who is a tenant farmer in the rural Twin Cities area, growing for selling at farmers market.  With the end of the season approaching, apparently he has more than he thinks will sell, and happy to share his surplus.  It won't be hard to get our 5 a day in this week.  I'm so pleased, but does anyone know what sort of pepper this is, and importantly, how hot is it?  Once I know that, I am in need of ideas of what to do with them.  Do they fry up and mellow in flavor like bell peppers?  Do they freeze well?  Should I stuff them with cheese like jalapeno poppers or Chille Relleno?

They are absolutely stunning in color, but I have a fear that steam will be coming out my families ears if I don't prepare them well.  In my care package was also some more tomatoes, onions, and a bulb of garlic.  I could see pico de gallo in my future.  Underneath the skinny peppers are a slew of red and green bell peppers as well.  Regardless of what I end up doing, I better set some time aside this coming weekend  for baking.  Now that it is cooler, I can give a thank you to my generous "gifters" with some fresh baked pumpkin bread.   


  1. Hello,

    I stumbled over here from Frugal Queen's site. I may be too late to help, but I wanted to say that those peppers look like banana peppers, which come in both hot and mild forms. They are that yellow/green color until ripe, then they turn red or orange. We like the mild ones sliced up in salads, but I bet they could be stuffed and baked, too, although they are not as thick-walled as some of the other stuffing peppers. You could probably do the same with the hot ones, but the one time I grew those we mostly diced them up and added them to things like soups and stews. I don't remember what kind of peppers I was trying to plant, but the label was wrong and I was surprised to see banana peppers growing and even more surprised when I bit into one expecting a sweet pepper, only to find they were pretty hot!

    1. My informal Facebook poll determined banana peppers, and that the red ones would probably be hot. I'll have to give one a try sliced and fried up, and then determine what to use them for. I think a Fajita night be in order, and because I received so many, slice and freeze for deep winter. Thanks for jumping over from Frugal Queen-isn't she a gem and what a great source of ideas. I see you have a site, and when I get home tonight, I'll pay it a visit.


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