Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pretty Places Part II-In My Own Back Yard

Friday night I blogged about coming across pretty places when you aren't expecting anything, such as I experienced on my recent work trip. Then there are places that are soothing, enjoyable,  and best of all, can be a regular part of your day.  The adult reading nook at my local library fits that bill. That is it in the top picture.  The light is great.  My  little breakfast spot on my back deck-nothing fancy but it gets the right light in the early morning.  I love my wicker bench on my front porch.  It's an excellent reading spot, early afternoon and then early evenings once the sun is behind the trees.  The spot in my living room that I typically sit, legs stitched out, working from a lap top, is pretty to me, even if my kids hate the cinnamon color accent wall across from it.

Best café for breakfast-sans snow!
Stretch and read or work.

Great natural light.
At my office we have a memorial tree and bench for two former coworkers.  On a warm day, it is nice to take a break from the computer screen, walk around the building, and take a short respite in their space.  Even in some of the grungiest places I've lived or worked, I found a little slice of pretty to take a break, get my thoughts together, or just decompress.  In college it was the back stairs that overlooked the fossil and mineral case  in the science building.  When I lived off campus so packed a lunch, I often ate my lunch there instead of the crowded student union. Light, even if the florescent hallway light,  shining off the rocks and minerals in the case was calming.

What about your pretty places?  Are they shared by many, or your own find? 

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