Monday, August 17, 2015

Bad Days

I've made many positive adjustments in my life in the last year.  And yet, I like everyone, I have the bad day every now and again. Today was one of those days. A black cloud, no, and ominous shadow lurked over my head. My knees hurt more today than yesterday. A nagging headache threatened to break loose in all out migraine form.  My stomach held a snarly complaint all day, and with every phone call, I had a s feeling of doom was going to be on the other end. 

I'd like to write about successes in decluttering and creative new dishes on my menu this week. I'd rather be sharing a quaint little anecdote that brought smiles or grimaces as I make an association with my personal history. These days, while fewer than in my recent past, are still a part of me, part of my story. 

I've learned there is no use in trying to fight  the malaise, and to just let my body and mind respond as it needs. I won't open a bottle of wine, preferring to drink my alcohol as a mood enhancer enjoyed with family and friends as opposed to using it to numb out my day. I'll not be tough though, and go without pain medicine.  I'll eat some comfort food to make sure the pills agree with me. Chicken noodle soup is indeed good for the soul. I'll crawl in bed early, easy to do when we have had a cover of rain clouds and spotty thunderstorms all day. I'll catch up with my e-mails, my reading, and my mail tomorrow. I won't look for rays of light, though I know they are there. Rather, I will let my dreams take me to a new day, and a new fresh start.


  1. I hope that things soon start to look better.

  2. I think it's a wise thing to do sometimes, Sam. Wishing you a good night sleep, and a better day tomorrow!

  3. All of you are so kind. It was just one of those off days, and I am trying to "keep things real", and not just chirp about successes. Today was a put things into perspective day again, and though it is still stormy weather, the extra hours of sleep were put to good use.

  4. So glad to hear you got some extra sleep! I certainly hope you've had a some less gloomy days.


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