Saturday, August 1, 2015

Lifelong Learning

Blog number two is up and rolling.  This is a placeholder for my "writer within" to try, experiment, learn and share. The new blog, Sam and Writingmuch like this blog, is to serve my own self indulgence, but if others have an interest in reading, I love the company. I've been doing monthly short story link ups on In the Writers Closet, HERE, and haven't decided if I'll finish out the six months on the New Frame blog, or migrate to my new effort.

The community of creative writing has been very good for the natural lifelong learner in me. If I had the financial means, I would happily become a permanent  student in the traditional sense. However, I've found many ways to indulge this side of me.  I was so happy to finally have the time for, and have one offered at a time that worked for me, a book club this past spring.  I enjoy the wine club for much more  than the wine. I get a geography, cooking, and tasting lesson with every monthly meet-up.They even run field trips. I listen to public radio or BBC World and then try and dive deeper into the subject or content that is new but intriging.  Granted, my follow-up research is not always reputable sources, but the process of looking up and researching, analyzing the  various "expert" opinion, yet forming my own conclusion is part of being a lifelong learner.  

With Sam and Writing, I feel like I am back in high school or college Language Arts, putting out my effort for evaluation.  I do hope  people are honest and have constructive feedback.  I can't honestly say I'll not be hurt if someone calls my stuff complete crap, but isn't that what employed writers do every day?  Isn't that what I did when I wrote grants, be evaluated on whether or not I successfully got my point across in ways that resonated with the reader? 

Please accept my invitation to wander over to the other blog site. Heck, if you have a mind to write a poem or short story but don't want to change or leave the theme of your own blog, or don't have a blog, I am happy to share space and let you guest post on mine. What are you busy learning about this summer?


  1. Congrats on the new blog!!!!!! And I'm proud of you for continuing to grow and learn. I too, write and have had some nasty people say mean things about my work but I figure that people critique when they can't create.

  2. Enjoy your new blog. I shall be an occasional visitor I hope.


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