Saturday, October 24, 2015

Coming to an End

Probably the first blog I started following even before I knew the word blog was The Lean Times. The writer, Viviana Rullo, an American Expat trying to live a highly fashionable, but frugal life in London touched on every Anglophile and frugalista nerve in my head.  I read her posts the year before and during my daughters school year in London vicariously living a life I dreamed could have been mine in a different dimension.  Ms Rullo is calling it done on The Lean Times front and will no longer be updating and writing posts. She has archived her history and posts can be searched by topic.  She has some standard money saving ideas, low cost but gourmet and foodie worthy but on a budget recipes, but I like the time capsule commentary captured by original date.  The recession is archived from a real human perspective navigating real dilemmas when money is tight.  I wish her all the best and hope her knew venture takes wing. Why am I writing a blog about another blog folding?  I'm not quite sure, but I think it has to do with giving credit and appreciation when due.  My blogging is a hobby, but just maybe could be something more. Minimally it is a personal platform for my views based on my experiences, but potentially could be a spark for someone else's big idea.  Anyway, take a look at her archives, find a new recipe, and be stylish without going broke.  Best of the weekend to you all.


  1. I hadn't see that one, Sam, but I've book marked it to look at the archives. Thank you. By the way I am having a supper of spam and tomato sandwiches as I read this!

    1. I hope its a new can! Love a good sandwich with tomato.


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