Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Leaves on the Trees Have Fallen

I missed the fall leaves.  They were just starting to turn in our areas when we left for vacation and when we got back, they seem to have all turned brown-no brilliant colors left.  Today is rainy, a good hard rain, that will remove most of the lingering ones still clinging to branches.  This means it is time to rake leave piles, and make perfect landing pads for any one childlike enough to take a leap.  I've said it before, I love fall.  Even the rainy days like today when running from parking lot to office,  driveway to house, and anything in between will drench you to the bone.  I love that chill I get in the morning, and the warmth my first cup of tea tastes at the office. 

While most of our work area is cube land, we have a few atrium large areas and floor to ceiling windows that let us get a good look at the outdoor world.  We have little nooks of seating that if you need to get out of your own office without windows, you can bring your lap top and work from a new view.  I think I will do that this afternoon.  I already can see the chair with my name on it.  

It is odd to think that a few of my blog friends are just starting to experience spring bounty.  In Australia and New Zealand, they are talking about planting their vegetable gardens and transplanting seedlings.  I'm enjoying their posts, knowing we will soon be in the throws of winter.  Until then, I will enjoy my own fall bounty , no color, but still great for getting outside before snow blocks our walking paths-even if I have to take my umbrella.

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