Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Embracing My Inner Glam

My birthday is in a month, a sister-in-law has one five days before, and the other just had hers in October.  It is still tradition in DH's family to celebrate grown up birthdays in seasonal groups.  We did this on Sunday for fall birthdays.  I think my gifts to my sister-in-law's were spot on-renewed their regular magazine subscriptions-dull but appreciated, running t-shirts as they both, well, run, journal notebooks as both always have a little notebook in their purses, and jars of my raspberry rhubarb jam. I say my gifts, because I do the shopping, wrapping, etc. but they were from DH as well. He turns to me every time and will say, "What did we give them?" then he'll say out loud, "I hope you like them." It's the thought that counts.

I had lovely gifts of a sweat shirt, lotion, flashlight, wrist warmers, and something I would have never thought anyone would select for me.  Take a gander at the top of the page.  Now the wine is true me, through and through.  The stiletto shoe wine caddy, um, not quite.  This was picked out by DH's brother.  Both his sister and I received one, hers in zebra print, mine in sparkly silver.  She is a stiletto wearing, zebra print, chic kind of gal.  I am a quickly grab the wine glasses out of the cupboard and run then under water in case their dusty, kind of gal. He joked before opening that if I liked it, it was both of them, but if it was a fail, it was all him. He had no doubts his sister would love it.  He bought one for his wife, the October birthday girl, as well.  She is naturally glam, but tends to have tastes more closely to mine in decorating, but can have a little fun. 

Darn it, my inner voice said.  I must have some glam in me somewhere, even if it is just in my wine choices.  I have a cute little French chef wine caddy, and a wine rack with a French provincial vine pattern.  I guess the Chi Chi Chic Stiletto will adorn my dining room as well-at least when my husbands family comes to visit.


  1. Well, somebody else recognised your inner glam. It just remains for you to let her out! I shall watch this space with great interest.

    1. This might be a one off! I love to follow a few style blogs, and am convinced there can be some style in my life, but not at the expense of comfort and practicality. This wine thing though-just fun, and silly, and while not something I would have bought, I'll have fun pulling a nice bottle of red out of the toe.


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