Sunday, February 28, 2016

Guilt is Gone and February Short Story

I am indulging myself  again. My short story, Pizza, Cats, and Other Kinds of Love, is posted on my other blog and at In the Writer's Closet under the Write and Link tab. The phrase to incorporate is Love is a funny word. I'm also reposting the same picture of the kitten, because, well look at him!  He is so darn cute and deserves to have ample screen time. 

I've scheduled this post to publish on Sunday morning, but am writing it up Saturday night. My guilt I wrote about yesterday? Well it went away, especially when I had a call from DD#2 to bring a razor to the school mid afternoon before she got changed into her sleeveless dress. She had forgotten to shave this morning and stubble was showing. As long as I was making an impromptu early stop, I texted the parent coordinator for the group to find out if there were any other minor emergencies that I could help resolve. With the razor, I brought Shout wipes to replenish the kit after an incident with a ketchup bottle used up the supply in the room, an extra power strip, and another curling iron. Have a great Sunday.

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