Saturday, March 26, 2016

New Frame of Focus and Blog Name

Doesn't everyone need to shake things up a bit now and then? I'll be switching up the branding and style of my blog. The URL may stay the same as I am not sure if I have tech savvy skills to change that without sending people on a wild goose chase if they want to still read. I've been thinking a lot over the last week about moving my blog away from what has felt like self absorbed mind rantings into perhaps a blog with a little more practicality and maybe fun. Now, a decision has been made and I am making a change. 

While I still want to write about efforts to live more simply, change will be to do so in ways that are not just internally focused. I want to write about my love of day trips and real travel. Home cooking and gardening fails will make their way into topics. Present in bulk will be posts on making the most of time, or more likely trying to balance making time. Then of course, posts on being able to pay for the more enjoyable things in life. Time-money and money time parallels come to mind here. Of course, all this will be done with generous doses of caffeine. I think I may have captured a title that will embrace all these things. 

With the remaining days of March, I will be playing in the background while preparing to launch in April under a new name. With that, drum roll please, I invite you to join me at  Sam, Coffee, Money, and Thyme. Get it? Is it too quirky? Quirky enough?  I hope you stay with me as I explore life hacks in areas of saving money, meal prep and creation, cleaning and decluttering, mini and mega getaways, socializing with others and investing time in myself, my family, my world. If I can get my kids involved, perhaps a video or two might make it's way on the site. It could be a page of it's own; maybe Sam in the Kitchen? As I started the blog for fun, I'll focus on not taking myself too serious. 

I'll leave with this post I saw on Facebook. Social media gets a lot of crap about promoting self indulgence and portraying an unrealistic world that no one truly lives in. While that may be so, it also is full of interesting stories about people living their day, succeeding, failing, and taking and then remaking what life has to offer. I hope to stay honest about my foibles and my scraped back unglamorous life, taking chances in putting my "stuff" out there. Enjoy your Saturday and feel free to share your advice and opinion. 


  1. Dam I love your blog just as it is however it's always good to move change and shake things up a bit so I'm looking forward to your new place too.

    1. The change is more to help me focus and not be quite so meandering in subject matter. I also hope to stay more upbeat-but still honest.It will not be a place of perfect Pinterest beauty, and I'm surely going to continue to be waffling around trying to figure life out. I'll appreciate any feedback you want to share.

  2. Replies
    1. No apologies needed, says the queen of typos.


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