Saturday, May 7, 2016

When You're A Simple Frugal Mom

Mother's Day when my mom was alive usually included an afternoon potluck and grilled, by the guys, burgers, brats, hot dogs, and chicken out at my parents country house, and later at my brothers after mom and dad moved into their townhouse.  Mom liked her simple gifts; maybe a new Avon scent (she loved her Avon), or a new spring-summer sweater or bright shirt. She wasn't a flower and chocolate kind of mom. Since we've been married, other than a few times when one of us made brunch, we've gone to a buffet of some sort for a nice meal, with a time frame, so we mom's in our own right can have a little of the day for ourselves as well. While Mother's Day brunch is a pretty big ticket expense, my MIL really seems to enjoy it, and it is a treat (if we don't over indulge at meals out other parts of the year) because the restaurants are putting out their best efforts. We are locked into this for the foreseeable future. 

I like be appreciated on even the Hallmark holidays so would never begrudge my family spending a little effort to show me they care on Mother's Day. However, becasue of the spendy brunch, I do not want spendy gifts, and my kids know this. My kids are also flat broke, so I think they do really well with this minimalist gift theme. DD#1 has a gift waiting for me on the dining room table. She brought it home last weekend as she wasn't sure of her plans. Being the practical child she is, I am sure it will be special, but not a budget strain as she knows I wouldn't want that. She splurged on lilies for me, and gave her brother credit on the card, when she was still in college. They were beautiful, and my favorite flower, but I know she could have used the money herself. So while some mom's like the glitz and glam of jewelry, perfume,or expensive meals out, I've a list of some of my favorite gifts from my kids (not just Mother's Day) I have gotten over the years,none expensive, but that show my kids do know me pretty well. 

Cooked delicious breakfast-DD#2 and M are making Egg's Benedict tomorrow, yum
A bar of chocolate that no one asks for a piece of, to be savored over several days
A plant from the high school horticulture club sale
Flavored coffee sachet's, and a new deep mug to drink it from
Madre Mix-a collection of my favorite tunes burned on a CD
New tea towels, with my beloved wine pictured on the towel
A good tube of hand cream-yes! 
Shower gel and body lotion-I love my bath products
Framed fun photo or artwork for my desk
Classic movies, or loved movies from my or their childhood
A good novel, second hand all the better 
A lovely heartfelt call, e-mail, or written note. 

It goes without saying, all the child care and school made gifts were adored. Are any of you hoping for anything? What was your most memorable gift, given or received? For all you mothers out there, beloved aunties, and friends that come to the rescue like mother's, I hope you have a lovely weekend.


  1. Mother's Day was in March for us I was in Mexico so missed out this year. I did tell my kids they didn't need to bother so I received txts on the day which was lovely. I do like floweres and books and anything for the bath too.

    1. I remember that the countries honor mom on different days. I'm enjoying a lie in but can't break patterns as it's just after 6:00.I don't hear any kitchen action.


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