Sunday, July 3, 2016

What My Blog Salary Buys-2

For 18 months I was averaging a blog salary per day that bought we one bargain brownie per month. I decided to start fresh in June, and keep a monthly progress report. This is where watching pennies and dimes really becomes interesting for me. In June, I earned the grand sum of $3.04, just over $o.10 per day average. Woo Hoo, that's a 33% increase over my past average. Looking at it as part of a business, though one could argue chocolate brownies as a business expense, I earned enough to cover the domain costs for and for the month of June, with $1.04 left over. Not that I've added content yet there, but things are building up in the back ground, and it feels good to actually own a domain name. Sam and Coffee really does exist! 

I just have a siple google domain and $12 per year for each suffix. As much as I appreiate the free blogger site, I woudllike to migrate content there that is more research, article based, and keep this for conversation and community. I'm not sure how to link the two, and had menat when both DD2 and DS were here at Christmas, they could help me, but never found the opportunity. 

With the remaining $1.04, I will start a little business kitty. I'll apply that kitty to things like SD cards, for when the elusive camera is in my possession, notepads and good writing pens to keep handy for ideas, and maybe even business cards for the blog, ready for the Mn Blogger's Conference in October. I put the link becasue the slides and presentations are posted and there was some quality offerings. Oh, the kitty could go towards the conference fee too. 

My blogging expenses, at some point should include for the year:
Domain addresses $24
MN Blogger's Conference $20 (last year continental breakfast, lunch, snacks, and a first beer and appetizers for after conference party was all included, so it was as much entertainment as an investment)
Business cards-$20
Pens, notepads-$2 (I've been using my school supply stash, and will add a few things when target goes super low)
Computer Depreciation-agian computer used for lots of things, but at some point, I should have one for this work so should put aside $200 year, to replace every three years.
Camera  $175 (though I'll use for lots of things)-hoping to get with gift cards, and multi year use, but will put $40 a year for depreciation over 5 years to buy a new one.
SD Card- lowest I've seen, and adequate could be $5.00, and multi-year use
Grand total, this hobby/business costs about $309.00.

I'm pretty pumped about that, becasue even if I never earn a penny blogging, how many hobbies do people have that cost less than $30 a month?

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