Monday, July 4, 2016

Why Coffee Rocks My World

Yeah, I love coffee.  I sometimes wake up and the only thought in my head is how can I get DH to run down and turn the Keurig on and put grounds in my filter for me. I've been told I am an addict; that my craving and need for coffee is no different than a junkie or an alcoholic looking for their next fix. While that seems over the top dramatic for me, and this is usually said by a water guzzling, herbal tea, non soda drinking individual, they also do not get the other tangible things coffee brings to my world, and most of the other coffee addicts I know. 

1. The varieties are endless and makes for a safe, good, and fairly inexpensive hobby to try out different roasts, infusions, and blends. The down side is when you find a variety in a specialty store or coffee shop that you love and then can't ever get it again, it's a bit of a downer. The good thing about that is it becomes part of a special memory of a coffee date with a friend, a vacation, or even just some great alone time. For me, I miss the Haitian Blue variety that was  served for years in my towns independent coffee house  It closed about ten years ago-some nonsense about a lease disagreement.  I'v never found that blend anywhere else, or even a close replica.  My search continues, but when I think of it, I remember the Friday lunches or late morning breakfasts with my mom and then baby and toddler DD2, where we went almost weekly when mom was still mobile. 

I think of mentoring my niece/God child during her confirmation years, when we would do the study sheets over Haitian Blue coffee and Monte Christo sandwiches with strawberry yogurt. While of course I love all my nieces and nephews, this niece has a special spot in my heart almost like my own children. That niece is now mentoring DD2 before she gets confirmed in the fall. 

2. The coffee pot can always be "put on." A friend drops by in the middle of cleaning, but you so long for a break and a nice chatter. The coffee pot is on! She can keep sipping and talking while you keep on with what needs to be done, stopping for my own sips intermittently.  The reverse happens as well.  Actually, I really only have one friend that likes coffee as much as I do and she keeps a much cleaner house than I do, but the opportunity is there. Plus, when either of us bakes, coffee makes a great excuse for sampling. "I just baked some bread (in her case with almond flour), and started a pot of coffee. Come on over."

3. Holding a warm cup of coffee in my hands while smelling the beans is a brain stimulator for me. I will not go into a planning meeting, or a meeting in which I expect tension, without a cup of coffee. Remember I'm an addict, and need that fix to keep me wired. 

4. I am not one to force my love of something on to others. While some people don't like coffee, I haven't met anyone who is allergic or has sensitivities to it. With cream, with sugar, black, decaf, cold over ice, hot and blended in a drink, coffee aims to please.  I know the acid in the beans can cause sensitivity, but my understanding is people need to drink several cups before that kicks in. If the person I am out with, truly is not a coffee drinker, the options in coffee shops are endless, including ice water, making "meeting up for coffee", as much an expression as the actual meet-up. 

5. There are amazing health benefits to coffee. WebMD sites that coffee drinkers have reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes, Parkinsons, and dementia. I remember a story a former coworker told me about her 86 year old, independent grandma's medical appointment. Wen asked how much coffee she drinks each morning, she responded one or two. The young doctor thought perhaps that was fine, but she should limit it to no more than the one to two cups she is drinking now. "Cups?" she replied. "I meant pots." 

6. Coffee is international. Every continent and almost every country imports or exports coffee for consumption. According to Tori Avery at PBS's blog, The History of Kitchens, 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed world wide each day. I feel a global societal duty to contribute to that number. World peace may depend on it. So far, I have had coffee in 11 countries.  I have more work ahead of me. 

Coffee for me, hot chocolate for DD2 at a London Pret in 2014.

7. Finally, coffee makes me, well, me. I have tried going coffee free, but when considering the reasons why I would do that, there never seemed to be any strong reason for doing so. My family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors know my coffee habit, accept it, and embrace it.  It makes gift giving for me easy-when in doubt, a new coffee mug or sample size grounds is a hit every time.

The next time you are in Minnesota, reach out for me. I guarantee I wont need to be asked twice if you suggest we meet for a cup. 


  1. All hail coffee drinkers! Until a few years ago I could drink coffee until the wee hours of the morning with no issues. Now I have to drink decaf after 3 pm which bums me out but I love coffee so much I do it. Still nothing is better than the real stuff!

    1. I need to stop by 6:00, and even then only allow myself one-1/2 cups after 12:00. I was pretending for along time that the caffeine didn't bother my sleep, but yeah, it does. I've had one or two decaf's that are pretty good, but then can't seem to find those again either.


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