Friday, August 12, 2016

Gizmos, Gadgets, and Getting in Gear

I am pretty good with computer software, have a pretty good command of the Office Suite, and can figure out access issues pretty confidently.  What I do not have a brain for at all is the behind the scenes coding and hardware. Cameras also scare me.  Part of it is my eyesight is pretty poor without glasses, and to really use the focus lenses, gauge picture quality, having a decent view to begin with is essential. I finally bought myself a camera that I hope is going to fit my needs for  a long time. Funded through a combination of gift cards, and future gift to myself, I am now the proud owner of a Nikon L840. It looks much more "real" than any camera I have ever had, but still is basically a point and shoot.  I could have spent about $50-$75 less and just got an updated version of my Nikon Cool Pix small camera, but I have really struggled with the size. My dexterity is not great many days, and this larger camera fits my hands really well.

After figuring out the camera and the video, I hope this will give me hours of blogging/vlogging fun, and help me capture memories in my daughters final years of school. Speaking of DD2, she has decided to not run cross country this year. I can't say I am not disappointed, becasue she really did a good job.  However, it is a wise, mature decision with all she had on her plate, and opportunities she wants to add this year. As she said, she can run whenever  she wants, can put the money we would have spent on the athletic fee towards fun runs, and she now will have both Thursday and Fridays free after school to put towards other pursuits. She may decide to audition for the fall play and for another choir ensemble, and the arts center is thinking of starting a youth orchestra. None of these things would be possible if she ran cross country on the team-there are jut not enough hours in a day or days in a week. She was on the fence all summer, and made the decision in the final hours before registration closed last night, but it was her decision.

We are off tomorrow morning bright and early, aiming to be to the airport about 30 minutes away by 8:30. My niece stopped by for pup and fish instructions and most important, the WiFi codes. I have yet to start packing, throwing in the odd load of clothes in the wash. I never sleep much the night before flying.  I think my body tells me it needs to be really tired to relax, so I'll be up late making sure everything we need is packed. DD1 is coming here and staying overnight-too far to drive that early, and I bet she'll come with some laundry. Depending on my WiFi situation, I may be silent until next week. I look forward to sharing pictures and stories and hearing yours. 


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    1. I'm sure going to try. As a wise lady told me at least I can hold up in my cabin and drink if it all gets too much.

  2. I took my Nikon D3300 on my last trip away it scared me to death and the only way I got to grips with it was because my phone got submerged via a freak wave hense no phone no camera lol. I now have loads of pics but need to download to laptop. Phone pics easy because they migrate to my laptop without me having to do anything. Hey ho I'm very lazy with technology lol

    1. My phone is ancient so waiting on a good plan to upgrade. I like the poser feel of this camera. K might look like I know something.

  3. I hope you're having a great time!


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