Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Critique My Meals

I've had good days and bad days planning or deciding upon what meals I am going to eat. I'm aiming for 1200 calories in a day but flex to up to 1500, with few carbs, my five a day minimum, and high percent of protein. I'm not worried about fat, but watching the sugar. My doctor agrees that as long as I eat the good stuff and am not relying on processed diet meals and getting lots of fiber, protein, and vitamins and minerals, this is a good target calorie range for my age to have the 1 1/2 pound per week weight loss I am hoping for. 

Here's three days worth of eating.

B-Two scrambled eggs, banana, coffee
L-2 small, equivalent of a large, pumpkin oat muffin
Party food,1-deli slice of roast beef, 2 deli slices turkey, cup + of cut up fruit, 1/2-3/4 cup of broccoli salad, 2 of my sisters delicious pinwheels (I couldn't help myself!)
Candy Apple Shot-1 part Butter Scotch Schnapps and 1 part sparking cider-sweet but really yummy. It was a party and the schnapps and cider were part of my gift to her but other wise, stuck to water.
Party Food,2, later-two slices deli turkey with cream cheese olive spread inside and rolled up. More fruit, way too many potato chips.

I tried to balance out knowing I was going to indulge at my sister's 50th birthday party with a high protein, no carb breakfast, and light, but substantial lunch as the muffins are loaded with whole grain and pumpkin. Drinking a lot of water really helped. It felt good knowing I could go to a party and ignore the nacho cheese and chips and the desert spread. Damn those potato chips-my down fall every time. My sisters pin wheels, though, the fact that I had just two, was sheer will power!

B-Greek yogurt, banana, coffee
L-Salad with mixed greens, broccoli, sunflower seeds, 1 ounce turkey, 1/2 ounce cheese, 1/4 cup egg salad mix(I made egg salad sandwiches for DD2 and DH)1 Tbls dressing.Cantaloupe chunks.
D- Marinated honey mustard chicken, loads of steamed vegetables
Snack-two thin slices turkey with half cheese stick in each one. 

I avoided carbs completely, which was tempting with the egg salad.  I love egg salad sandwiches. I did really well with my vegetables between the salad and the double portion of steamed mix veg. 

B-Protein bar and coffee. I was running late so relied on my desk stash. 
L-Two hard boiled eggs, Greek yogurt, cantaloupe
Snack- 21 pretzels
D- 3/4 cup whole wheat pasta, 6 meatballs(serving recommendation) and marinara sauce, 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1 ounce mozzarella

Dinner was more calories than I had eaten all day cumulatively, but still came in at 1350. I should have skipped the mozzarella cheese and cottage cheese, but was just feeling like I haven't had enough calcium. The pretzels  should have been skipped-mindless crunching, but I counted as my hand pulled one out of the bag, and stopped at a serving. I was terribly weak in fruit and vegetables Monday.

OK, your turn. What feedback do you have on my choices? Who has successfully navigated the party circuit (grad parties galore over the next few weeks) and lived to put your regular size pants on?


  1. You are a brave, brave soul asking for meal feedback. lolz
    I got nothing.
    If you are doing what works for you then it's nobody else's business. ;-)

    1. I know others might point out obviius gaps, so I'm game!

  2. Okay, I'll skip feedback on the party day, but for lunch, I probably would have gone with something higher in protein (an apple with peanut butter?) vs carbs. Your Sunday eating looks really good. For Monday, I'd probably reduce the pasta serving slightly (1/2 cup, maybe?)

    Overall, I think just being aware helps tremendously. Could you substitute a smoothie for another meal or big snack? Throw in some protein powder & a lot of fruit & veggies? I'd definitely work to increase your F&V intake, as you mention.

    You're doing great! Also, it's brave to share. :-)

    1. You're so right about muffins but worried about food waste.I like the smoothly with a protein boost idea-thank you, though I'll need some crunch as well.

  3. I don't critique anyone's eating plan. I will make suggestions for improving flavors but that is pretty much it. If it is working for you then it's all good.

    1. I'm in a learning mode so gladly take the input. Summer seasoning suggestions?

  4. I'm curious as to how you figure out the calories in something like honey-mustard chicken. That is my stumbling block - when I cook a "proper" meal. It's easy with salads and my breakfast choices. I use myfitnesspal.com and it is great but the home-cooked stuff is difficult to calculate. That being said, what you are doing is obviously working for you so I wouldn't change a thing. Anna

    1. I use the packages and measure, tracking option sizes. I'll go to a calorie finder website. I'm a number geek so figuring the calls per serving is a good strategy for me.

  5. I would just suggest a lot more vegetables, except for the starchy ones. Add a side salad once or twice a day. It'll fill you up. Egg-white omelettes; stir fry some onions, green peppers & mushrooms then add egg whites. Throw in a small amount of low fat shredded mozzarella. Buy 1% cottage cheese and plain yogurt and add berries. Use lots of different greens-arugula, spinach, kale. A spinach salad with grape tomatoes and a chopped hard-boiled egg is delicious. And good luck! What are you doing for exercise?

    1. Yes-I do need more veggies and greens.Exercise? Not enough. I'm walking a lot, doing stairs, crunches,attempting to plank.

  6. Eggs are a perfect food. The yolk is very good for you. If I restrict the carbs too much, I get too hungry. I ate a massive amount of raw vegetables and fruit when I lost 46 lbs in three months. I limited bread to two slices a day and had chocolate every day. I limited myself to 2 cups a day. Plus, I never counted calories and weighed myself every day. I quit buying cookies, chips and crackers. If I went to a party, all bets were off, and I ate what I wanted.

    This worked for me! But, your needs may be different.


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